The Elder Scrolls

Janiath’s Adventure pt.3

Here’s part three hope you like 🙌 and as always if you have a class idea for her and load out please put it in the comments. They’ll go into a poll in the story before it all kicks off 👆🙌 which you can all vote in stay tuned for that!

Hours passed by as if by seconds and everyone one of those seconds Bjorlif tended to either his wound which began to turn septic or Janiath's now increasingly deadly fever. Bjorlif now thankful that he had no more issues from bandits or Mercenaries thought to himself why they would attack here why would they attack me? He wondered what was the great importance of killing off an old man and a young woman. Upon thinking this Bjorlif said “Once this wound heals I am going to find out what they wanted”. Days passed by as Janiath’s seemingly undying sleep continued. Bjorlif’s stomach rumbled and groaned as the wind shook the cobbled together tent. He checked his keepsake and there was nothing but a few crumbs of food at the bottom and an empty mead bottle. He knew he had to find something to eat but he had still not regained strength in his leg. He barely managed to shetler Janiath under his little raggedy tent let alone hunt down a vicious animal. He also needed to do something about his leg which was beginning to turn a gangrenous sickly green, the smell was enough to make anyone sick. He thought if only I could find a bottle of mead it would take the pain away in more ways than one. After falling briefly asleep Bjorlif awoke to a noise just outside the flap of the tent which sounded like a distant marching platoon of men. This was the first contact with anyone they had since the incident. Getting desperate knowing death would be certain to both of them if he didn’t do something Bjorlif clambered out from the tent dragging his limp lower body along the dirt to the road behind the rock. He looked around to find the troops and in the distance he could see them marching in column with what looked to be a carriage in the middle. Bjorlif thought to himself we are saved grinning with glee and despair from his pain. After taking another look more carefully this time he could see the distinct deep reds of the Solitude guard. Strange he thought to himself for them to be so far out from Solitude, usually the army patrol this land. Nonetheless he was filled with the prospect of life and began to try to prop himself up on the rock behind him and wave them down for help. Upon noticing Bjorlif next to the camp waving them down the captain halted the column to speak to him. “Are you alright citizen you ought to get that leg seen to” he said. “I have tried but since the raider attack my friend and I have been stranded here” he said in agony from the pain in his leg. “Would you be able to help us?” Bjorlif asked desperately. The captain took a minute to think about the repercussions of what would happen but decided that he would, he couldn’t just leave two of his city's citizens out here to die. “You two help this man pack up his tent and help him onto the carriage. We’ll help you to the city and get you both medical attention no need to worry citizen” Said the captain with authority. “Be either you of age?” he asked. Bjorlif replied “Not me however my friend might be if she recovers from her injuries”. “I will see to it that she survives then, our health care is second to none” the captain replied. “You boys done?” he exclaimed. “Just picking the woman up now Captain” the recruit replied apprehensively. Bjorlif helped by the guard hobbled to the back of the carriage and climbed on. Now with us both protected by the holds guards on our way to get medical attention and with the sun shining, what could go wrong Bjorlif thought to himself.

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