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Just won w/ *Unite the Houses*!

Content of the article: "Just won w/ *Unite the Houses*!"

First time, so I just got the title now ^-^

The game had gone poorly for me, I started the game with 2× Unite the Houses … anyhow, it was up to turn right or so and I used A Land Divided, in one lane, had one Stormcloack Skirmisher or Colovian Trooper killed, and then on my next turn, I used another A Land Divided in the other lane, wasn't able to do much else, and ended the turn, lost a creature so both of my lanes where down to to three creatures each and next of my turns I summoned an Aldmeri Spellwright and of course played Unite the Houses, but I did so in a rush & didn't screenshot as my last few games had my opponent concede the game for no apparent reason, and I was worried I was gonna miss my chance lol

I think today's been the first day I played using an Aldmeri Dominion deck, very pleased with how it went, even if it was pure luck and gimmicky (-_-")

FWIW, on reflection my opponent was at 30 health, and I was like 15~20, and they still had 3 or 4 creatures on the board, all with guard IIRC, so I very much doubt they were about to rage quit, but because of random turn two (or so) concedes (& no I haven't been playing invade) I was still a bit 'spooked', however in retrospect I imagine it's probably not overly difficult to get a win with Unite the Houses in casual, even if it takes a few (many? many-many?) tries, then again, I can't say I've ever lost to it myself before, at least not so far as I can recall.

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I only joined the game like a month or so before it was confirmed to go into "life support mode " or whatever it's called last year; consequently stopped playing for a while, and only resumed this last month or so, so whilst I'm (only?) level 35, I figure I can still try and complete my collection of cards, and collect titles.

I only play casual versus games and am working my way through the solo quests (slowly), so still having plenty of fun even if the game is moribund. Anyhow sorry for the ramble, I was just excited; happy playing 🙂


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