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Kaidan 2 Follower Mod: Saving + loading take forever

Content of the article: "Kaidan 2 Follower Mod: Saving + loading take forever"

I downloaded the Kaidan 2 follower mod maybe a month ago. He has two personal quests, both of which I've done, and I've also married him. For some reason – usually around the time I do his second personal quest – saving the game takes FOREVER, as does waiting through load screens. I'm talking near a minute plus just waiting for the save to go through. For load screens it takes so long I've gone to the bathroom, come back, and the load screen is still there. I've redone both of his quests + marriage on three different, new + clean characters and this always happens with him, no matter how long I wait in the game to complete his quests.

For comparison, my roommate has her own game where she's not using Kaidan as a follower, has never interacted with him, and she has zero issues – her game saves in like 3 seconds.

I was curious if anyone else who's used this mod has run into this issue and if there's a fix for it. Considering it might also be an issue with my load order, here it is. I'm a first time modder, so please forgive any obvious or dumb mistakes I've made (also, you can clearly tell I have an affinity for player homes). I bolded Kaidan's spot in the order:

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  1. unofficial skyrim special edition patch
  2. general stores se for xbox one
  3. cutting room floor
  4. skyrim reputation
  5. immersive patrols
  6. hearthfire multiple adoptions
  7. castle volkihar rebuilt
  8. draco's heljarchen manor upgrades
  9. draco’s lakeview manor upgrades
  10. frostvale estate
  11. skyfall estate
  12. vandfald cottage
  13. dragon bridge manor
  14. falconroost
  15. hjerim tnf – hearthfire
  16. the lucky skeever
  17. firelight drift
  18. elianora’s breezehome
  19. kaidan 2
  20. my home is your home
  21. immersive citizens
  22. relationship dialogue overhaul
  23. realistic conversations
  24. alternate start – live another life
  25. sithis armor
  26. black leather armor
  27. cloaks & capes
  28. jedi sith armored clothing
  29. unique magicka sabers

And yes, I'm convinced Kaidan is the source of the problem. Like I said, my roommate is also playing on the same XBOX, and her game has all the same mods mine does. Barring the fact that we pick and choose different player homes between us, the only major difference is that I use Kaidan very heavily and she's never even interacted with him.


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