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Keep 2H Blocking Animation when using 2H Animation Mods?

Content of the article: "Keep 2H Blocking Animation when using 2H Animation Mods?"

Hi! Just want to ask if this is possible and if so, how do you achieve it?

I installed Nemesis PCEA which also includes DSer Animations which I really like (esp the sword+magic idle). However, I just recently discovered 2H Animation – Warden Stance (2H Idle Replacer) and I find it really cool! The mod author of 2H Warden also made 2H Animation – Warden Combat — a combat mod that he suggests to use with it (I got them all working together by "creating" another mod within PCEA with only the animations I liked, removing conflicting animations). Thing is, I didn't care much for the blocking animation of this mod. The mod changes it where the blade of your greatsword leans on the right instead of left like in vanilla (which I totally understand why — I'm guessing to make the blocking distinguishable from the Warden idle) though I don't know if it's just me or what, but there are times that the block isn't registering — I mean, even if the enemy is right in front of me and I'm blocking, the enemy attacks aren't hitting my greatsword and I'm hearing a thud sound (like when it hits the body) instead of a metallic one (I also have the Timed Block perk from Ordinator and that's how I'm doubly sure that blocks aren't registering).

As such, I decided to remove the block animations from 2H Warden Combat (which means, only the 2H Warden Stance works now as 2H Warden Combat includes mainly blocking animations, with one power attack animation and a custom killmove) and I was expecting for the block animations to revert to vanilla (which it actually did) except for when I'm blocking while moving southwest. It (1st photo) looks weird. Now I'm thinking, maybe because the 2H idle has been changed, it somehow changes the blocking animations in some way too. So I decided to install YY Anim Replacer – Zweihander (well because I like it too but also to experiment) to see if even just idles changes blocking too. I removed the blocking animation from YY so that only its idles work and lo and behold, the blocking animation (2nd photo) really did change too. Now this is what I find weird, DSer Animations has 2H idles too BUT it doesn't change the vanilla blocking. As such I'm here to ask if anybody knows how to achieve that with other 2H mods.

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Just for additional info, I'm using Nemesis and for each "experiment" I'm doing, I run Nemesis to accommodate new animations, and I don't have mods that changes idles except from those stated. I also have all the stated mods installed together within PCEA and I created multiple "new" mods that contain only parts of the other mods for experiment/checking purposes. Also, even though the 1st photo linked above looks weird, it actually blocks.

Thanks for anyone that took the time to read and to anyone that may help!


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