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Killing Paarthurnax is a mistake

Content of the article: "Killing Paarthurnax is a mistake"

Hello again! Today I will be giving reasons to why the idea of killing Paarthurnax is more detrimental than helpful to the people of Skyrim. I believe that if Paarthurnax is left alone, it will benefit the people of Skyrim to have dragons not as scourges, but perhaps even allies.

Firstly, should Paarthurnax be punished for his crimes several (Approx.) thousand years ago? Delphine says he was Alduin's right hand man and committed atrocities against mankind that would be considered unforgivable. Maybe that is true but who's to say time and timidity doesn't forgive everything?

Should modern day Redguards be punished for slaughtering Orcs in Hammerfell and driving them out? Should modern day Nords be punished for invading Hammerfell, Morrowind, and Highrock? Should the Imperials be punished for torching parts of Black Marsh? Should Pelinal Whitestrake be guilty for slaughtering swaths of Kahjiit thinking they were elves?

Humanity has committed crimes against itself and time has gone on for so long it's hardly any cause for revenge at this point.

"But that's because too many generations have passed. Paarthurnax is still the same dragon."

You might say.

No he's not. The same dragon wouldn't come to aide humanity to teach them the voice. Paarthurnax the tyrant died when he turned against Alduin. Paarthurnax may have killed people, but I'm willing to bet that life for nords today wouldn't be the same if he hasn't turned against Alduin. I'm willing to wager he has saved more lives than he had taken.

Besides, one could say that Paarthurnax was obeying the nature he was created with. His Instinct for dominance is something he had realized was detrimental to the world and practiced supressing his nature.

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Now we have to talk about exactly who we are avenging. Nords that have been dead for thousands of years? Likely living on happily in sovngarde? That's stupid if you ask me. Personally, the whole concept of sovngarde makes loss mean almost nothing. As long as you die fighting you can enter eternal bliss, regardless of your pass deeds. That means who ever Paarthurnax killed during the first phase of the dragon war, were sent to sovngarde where enemies forgive and befriend eachother.

Now, the benefit of keeping Paarthurnax alive is that at the end of the main quest Paarthurnax and other dragons are celebrating the end of Aldrin's tyranny. Remember, many dragons rebelled against Alduin besides Paarthurnax.

"Yes. There were a few of us who rebelled against Alduin's thur… his tyranny. We aided the humans in his overthrow. But they did not trust us. Ni ov. Their inner councils were kept hidden from us. I was far from here on the day of Alduin's downfall. But all dov felt the… sundering of Time itself."

With Alduin gone, Paarthurnax is recognized as the new Patriarchal leadership amongst the dragons and teaches other dragons his phylosophy of non violence; repressing your urges to dominate over the mortal races. This will lead to fewer dragon attacks and lives lost from them.

However if the player has killed Paarthurnax and Alduin, Odahviing will congratulate you for killing both of them. This either means that Odahviing becomes the new leader of the dragons or that the chain of command is so broken the dragons follow no leadership and do as they please for better or for worse.

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Also, there is are random dragon encounters where a nonviolent dragon flies over head and at most burns wildlife which can be interpreted as it hunting. This dragon is non hostile and only turns hostile when attacked which can be interpreted as it defending itself.

"Well, the DB can just kill all of the dragons."

That wouldn't be a smart move…like at all. While the Dragonborn can fight a dragon let's say in Dawnstar, who's defending all the other holds?


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