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Legacy of the Dragonborn Generic Tourists

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This mod adds simple generic visitors for the Dragonborn Gallery of Legacy of the Dragonborn.

That's about it. It doesn't add whole lot of things. It just provides some feeling of the museum getting crowded as It grows larger and larger.

NPC Behaviors

Initially, All the NPC can be found around Solitude. Wandering around The Winking Skeever, Temple, Blue Palace and the college.

And as you add more relics to be displayed at the gallery, more people will visit the museum. In fact, It's very identical behavior with NPCs such as Jerrin or Malakai.

Once the gallery has 100 relics, first batch of citizens will start visiting the gallery. More citizens will start visiting the gallery per every 50 more additional relics displayed up until 300. At 300, All 20 citizens will visit the gallery.

Once NPCs start visiting the gallery, they'll show up around 11am and leave around 10pm. They'll visit library, main Hall of Heroes, Natural Science Wing and East Wing but they'll not visit armory and Dragonborn Hall.

In case of the gallery is unavailable to accept visitors, AI packages will detect such situation and divert to other AI Package which resumes wandering around the city, away from the gallery.

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In fact, all these behaviors are already included in original LOtD which contains original patron NPCs(NPCs like Jerrin and Malakai) package. All I did is just duplicating them and adjusting the duplicated AI Packages to suit for larger crowd.

Installation & Compatibility

Installation is pretty straight forward. Just put files in you data folder.

The mod itself is ESL-Flagged and doesn't override any major vanilla or original LOtD records. If there's any incompatibility It would be minor clipping issue for newly placed citizen NPCs in case someone uses major city overhaul mods.

I don't play version 4 anymore and I will not work on version 4.


You will find 2 to 3 NPCs bunched up in one spot from time to time before actually finding something to do. It's just how sandbox AI works and I'm unable to fix it. Hopefully, I took some precautions which would make sure not too many NPCs bunched up around in one place.


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