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Let’s Fantasy Produce a Microsoft-Backed High Budget Elder Scrolls Netflix Series

Content of the article: "Let’s Fantasy Produce a Microsoft-Backed High Budget Elder Scrolls Netflix Series"

We'll say the top brass is willing to give us a budget of $10 million per episode. (Game of Thrones Season 6 was roughly $10 million each, Mandalorian is roughly $15 million each, as a couple reference points). We know video game properties are continuing to pop up as shows like Castlevania, The Witcher, and recently announced Assassin's Creed.

If you read a headline about a $100 million Elder Scrolls Series coming to Netflix, what would you hope for it to be?

The important questions to consider would be:

What Era and Year does it take place in the Elder Scrolls Lore?

Does it cover any known historical events? What would the show be about?

Would it follow a lone hero(like Mandalorian or the games), or track multiple characters/races(like Game of Thrones)?

You can do a fan-service cameo of any former voice actors or members of the community; do you go Sheogorath, Skyrim Grandma, Sir Patrick Stewart or someone else entirely?

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Are there any factions you would give special attention to? Dark Brotherhood, Morag Tal, The Blades, Mages Guild, etc. Are there any factions you would want to omit from being mentioned?

How much of Tamriel would the show cover? Which Provinces or cities would look best?

What genres or themes would be incorporated into the fantasy setting?

Who is/are the people behind the camera? You can go Directors, Cinematographers, Stunt Choreographers, Screenwriters, any else that come to mind.

Who provides the score for the series? Someone from Film and TV or someone from one of the games?

What actors would you cast to breathe life into the characters and races of ES? Bonus: who would you cast as the Lusty Argonian Maid?

How big of a role would the Divines and Daedra play in the show's narrative?

Because the top brass are pressuring you to do so, would you tie the show into the ES6 game release? Why or why not?

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