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Let’s mod Solstheim to make the Dragonborn DLC even better without crashing your load order.

Content of the article: "Let’s mod Solstheim to make the Dragonborn DLC even better without crashing your load order."

In my last post, I ran through 5 of my personal favorite mods to make Skyrim’s Civil War questline NOT suck. However, unlike the civil war, the Dragonborn and Dawnguard DLCs are actually dope AF so, realistically, very little needs to be done to make Solstheim awesome… it already is. But we are mod junkies and refuse to play TES5 on anyone else’s terms but our own so let’s go over my five favorite mods to make the Dragonborn play through, and other Solstheim related side quests, even more awesome, shall we? Off we go.

1) Better docks

After speaking with Captain Gjolund in Windhelm and convincing his lazy ass to take us to Solstheim, you’ll be shipped to the Docks at Raven Rock where you’ll begin your adventure to find Mirrak. Yeah yeah that’s all fine and all but from when we get to Windhelm to our arrival in Solstheim, nothing really grabs us to make this memorable. This is why you should download “Better Docks” by Zebra0. This mod adds more detail and NPCs to the docks in Windhelm, Solstheim and even Dawnstar and Solitude so that you actually feel like you’re in a bustling hub of aquatic trade and transportation. This is a cool add on to the beginning experience of the DLC and at just 3.6MB, it ain’t eating up much space on your drive.

2) Raven Rock/Tel Mithryn/Skaal Village Extended

Now that we have covered the docks, it is only right we move on to the cities and settlements of Solstheim. I’m counting the next 3 mods as one simply because it’s comparable to the “Great Cities of Skyrim”, “JKs Skyrim” or, my personal favorite, “Expanded Towns and Cities of Skyrim” in that it adds, extends and, for a lack of better words, shakes up the following 3 settlements on the island. These mods are called “Raven Rock Extended”, “Skaal Village Extended” and “Tel Mithryn Extended” by UglyDemon. These mods expand on the vanilla cities and add dozens more NPCs, buildings and vendors to each area. Solstheim isn’t the biggest and most populated place in Tamriel, but at the very least these mods will create a few more immersive townsfolk and locations to explore, thus pumping our brains with glorious video/game induced dopamine.

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3) Ash Magic

Now that we’ve made our DLC more aesthetically pleasing, let’s get some awesome mods in there to improve the gameplay shall we? We are going to do so with the next two mods. The first of which is specific to Solstheim and the next could be used anywhere in Skyrim… but since we are going to be cracking skulls all over this island, I figured we should fit these in as essential to the Dragonborn experience. This first mod is called “Ash Magic” by AncientNightblade (bad ass mod author name for a bad ass mod). This beautiful game tweaking mod adds THIRTEEN NEW ash-related spells to the game making your Solstheim mage experience more immersive. It also adds a new Armor set to the game and 4 new weapons. My favorite of the spells has to be Ash Blast a) because it’s a cool new destruction spell and b) I mean… it’s hilarious to say. “You just got Ash blasted”. Although I guess the spell Ash Dampen is just as equally hilarious Lol. All in all this mod makes the magic of the island feel allot more native to the environment. I give it two Ash Blasts up.

4) Wildcat

Now the next mod is technically cheating as it has NOTHING to do with Solstheim or the Dragonborn DLC but it will 100% make fighting those Ash Spawns and Cultists more compelling. Introducing the very well known mod: “Wildcat” by EnaiSiaion (good luck pronouncing that). Now.. this modder dude is the MAN as he’s brought us such gems as “Wintersun – Faiths of Skyrim”, “Andromeda- Unique Standing Stones of Skyrim”, “Summermyst – Enchantments of Skyrim” “Ordinator – Perks of Skyrim”, & “Imperious – Races of Skyrim”. ALL of which are chilling in my mod order at all times because of their awesomeness. Wildcat is no different. This mod overhauls the games fighting for both the player and the AI, causing stamina and injuries to play a major factor in each throw down. Now if you get injured in battle, the specific injury will affect certain gameplay actions. For example, shoulder and arm injuries, if severe or not cared for, will lead to slower swing speed of your weapon. Knee and foot injuries will cause you to stagger or trip while running. And head injuries… well… let’s just say that, just like in real life, if avoid these at all costs. I got a head injury before this and feel fine but that’s just me. I got a head injury before this and feel fine. I got a head injury and…. wait… I need a doctor.

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5) Morrowind – Immersion Project

And Lastly we have one more overhaul for you travelers out there that will increase the population, add creatures, followers and even spells to the game to complete our little Solstheim overhaul package. This mod “Morrowind Immersion Project” by GendunDrup adds Cliffracers to the game (basically non-fire breathing dragons) just to make the isle a pinch more deadly for all of you dovakin out there. It also adds 3 new conjuration spells, 10 more NPC followers, a ridable silk strider and Telvanni guards in Tel Mithryn. If you want to add just one more touch of deadliness to the game, tack on “Wolves of Solstheim” by Kohaku Fox with this mod to throw on some wolves and wild werewolves to the landscape as well. Now we’re talking!

To reiterate: my top 5 mods to make your Solstheim experience that much more DANK is:

Mod #1) Better Docks Mod #2) Extended Raven Rock/Skaal Village/Tel Mithryn Mod #3) Ash Magic Mod #4) Wildcat Mod #5) Morrowind – Immersion Project Honorable Mention) Wolves of Solstheim

With these few mods, your Dragonborn DOC experience will be turned on its head as you’ll experience Solstheim the way Bethesda should’ve intended. Now what are you waiting for?! Pay your way to passage and go explore this newly improved island!!

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