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LibAddonMenu-2.0 troubleshooting

Content of the article: "LibAddonMenu-2.0 troubleshooting"

edit: If anyone comes across the same problem: I replaced all AddonMenu-2.0 copies with the newest standalone version. In my case that was needed for AwesomeInfo, FCM Quest Tracker and JovASt. I just hope nothing breaks now.

So I reinstalled my game today and copied over my old addon folder from November last year. I update all mods using Minion and everything works fine, except opening some config menus.

For exmaple the FCO Item Saver config menu will produce this error

EsoUI/Libraries/ZO_Templates/ScrollTemplates.lua:758: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: EsoUI/Libraries/ZO_Templates/ScrollTemplates.lua:758: in function 'AreSelectionsEnabled' EsoUI/Libraries/ZO_Templates/ScrollTemplates.lua:1514: in function 'ZO_ScrollList_SelectData' user:/AddOns/LibAddonMenu-2.0/LibAddonMenu-2.0.lua:769: in function 'lam:OpenToPanel' user:/AddOns/FCOItemSaver/src/FCOIS_SettingsMenu.lua:61: in function 'FCOIS.ShowFCOItemSaverSettings' :1: in function '(main chunk)' 

After some trial and error I narrowed it down to LibAddonMenu-2.0. I uninstalle all addons and only installed two of them, the Item Saver and FCM Quest Tracker (an addon that uses the same Lib but has it in a sub folder).

When I run these two addons at the same time, opening the FCO menu results in the above lua error. Btw the same error occures when I pair many different Addons with the ItemSaver. The ItemSaver uses the lib as a dependency, so it needs it installed seperately. The Quest Tracker has it delivered with the addon itself.

On the AddonMenu page it says to delete all subfolder of it in all other Addons. Problem is, some addons do not have a subfolder and instead have the lua file in the lib folder directly. Removing it makes this addon unable to load, since its not based on an external dependency.

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Somehow the AddonMenu-2.0 creates and incompatibility with older addons that have their own lib delivered with them, which sucks.

Is there something im doing wrong or something I can do to make it work?


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