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Lightly Modded Skyrim Causing BSOD?

To start this off, this has been happening for about 2 weeks now and I have yet to find a fix. I was playing Skyrim with graphics mods and a few gameplay mods for a month with no issues. One day while playing, I noticed that my Spotify music would start to glitch out and stop playing for a short while and my disk usage for Skyrim would skyrocket. Right after this either my game would CTD or just straight up go to the BSOD. "Memory_Management" is the most common code, however, it occasionally gives me "Unexpected_Store_Exeption" and I have tried every solution I can to fix the BSOD issues, Memtest, chkdsk, tried reseating my ram into slots 1 and 3 instead of 2 and 4 and everything else in the book. Just today, I did some testing reinstalling the game and modding from scratch following Sinitar's modding guide – I have tried running the game without mods and it seems to run fine, I even tried with no graphics mods, just bug fixes, patches, etc and it seemed to be running ok, I then replayed with the bugfixes and patches but with the ENB, all worked fine. After installing the graphics mods it started crashing again. After repeating this process a few times, reinstalling the entire game each time it has done nothing and I'm still ending up with a BSOD after only 4 or 5 graphical mods, none of which are very demanding. None of my hardware has changed over this period. Strangely, my DAC (Midiplus Studio 2) and headphones (Audio Technica M50x)have developed static noise around the same time (not sure if it's related). I have scoured this subreddit, forums, everything else and I would really appreciate any help with this or another subreddit/forum to post this on to find help!

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PC Specs:

Asus Prime x470 Pro

R5 2600

16GB Corsair Vengence Pro 3000Mhz


1tb western digital sata m.2 ssd

1tb Kingston nvme m.2 ssd

Edit: Just noticed that a system restore point I created before these issues has mysteriously gone missing. Unsure if it's related, just thought I would include it.


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