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List of guides related to Thieving in ESO

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TL;DR – Here are the guides.

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Two weeks ago, I made a post / guide about thieving, where I placed results of my experiments. While safebox / container part stands true, I made a huge mistake with pickpocketing aspect. I made a couple of points which turned out to be false:

  • Second pickpocket on average gives better items than first, and third on average gives better items than second
  • Average gold value of all NPC's of same difficulty is the same

After further testing, I can say that these are NOT TRUE. Not only did I notice discrepancy between NPC's of the same category, but there are discrepancies between the same NPC's in different zones! Outlaw NPC in Gold Coast is considered a Hard target and provides more gold than Outlaw NPC in Vvardenfell (which is considered easy!).

Not only that, but this Easy Outlaw NPC in Vvardenfell gives far more gold on average than other Easy, and even Normal NPC's! So I started second round of experiments, far deeper one this time, where I would steal from each individual type of NPC's in every zone of the map.

Then there were NPC's like base game guards who gave far better loot on the third pickpocket attempt, while Fishers had highest value on the first pickpocket! Drunkards (easy NPC's) dropped far more furniture than other easy NPC's I tested. Everything was so much different than I had expected.

I have noticed that NPC items and worth are pretty much identical in all zones of the base game, but differ from DLC zones. To what degree, I am not sure but I'm working on it right now.

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I decided to create a bunch of guides for thievery, including the loot tables of all the different NPC's in different zones. I am still working on it, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future, so if you are interested check it out! My first priority is to finish up all the different pickpocketing loot-tables so that we can exactly mark which NPC's have the best value, thus figuring out how to earn gold through thievery in the most effective way.

If you'd like to help me with this project, just send me a message!


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