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Little help figuring out my combat mods

Content of the article: "Little help figuring out my combat mods"

I’ve recently decided to follow a YouTube guide exactly to begin my new Skyrim playthrough. People swear by his load orders for Xbox one, I’m just curious if everything is working correctly. When I spawn, after choosing my live another life class it puts me near helgen with full steel plate armor. The very first bandit I encounter 1 shots me, not even a power attack. Wolves 1 or 2 hit kill me, this is even dropping difficulty down to novice. Little help here, seems impossible to progress at all.

Anything that has (no) I didn’t download to save space for future mods.

Skyrim modded load order.


Improved telekenisis

Campfire complete

Campers workbench


Radiant quest markers

Sovengard nord font

60fps menu

Skyhud pastel

Chapter 2 Jeremy soele inspired music

Quieter dungeons and caves

Draugr bow before dead

Realistic rag doll and force

Realistic impacts

Realistic death physics no animation

iNeed-food water and sleep

I need extended

Simple actions sit lay sleep (no)

Cheat room

Cloaks of Skyrim

Variations: armor and clothing

Improved closedfaced helmets

(Lite) guard armor overhaul


Black leather sheath

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Apocalypse magic

Apocalypse ordinator compatibility

Summermyst enchantments


20pct more perk points

Perks at level 50

Perk points and more gold for bounties

Training adjustments

Dynamic camera

Dynamic display settings

Horse camera tweak

Archery tweaks plus

Archery tweaks ordinator patch

Belt fastened quivers

Royal armory

Throwing weapons lite

(Hunters carved Arsenal)

Scopes bows

Surreal lighting

Eternal sunshine

Far better sun

Enhanced night Skyrim

Mythical ages – weather overhaul -sharp setting

Longer days: realistic timescale

Wet and cold

Lein’s Skyrim NPCs overhaul

Divine skins and bodies for men & women

RS Childen overhaul


Enhanced blood textures

Dust effects by HHaleyy

Skyrim is Windy (Maybe)

Enhanced light and FX

ELFX – Hardcore

ELFX no fake light

Divine SMIM(Maybe)

Real wildlife

Elemental giants

Zims Dragon improvements heavy

XB1: Skyrim Renewed for Skyrim


Violens killcam Fatality combat movement

Fatality damage plugin (I Removed this)

Genesis unleashed 2.1 for dungeons

Improved bandits

Dualsun animation replacer

5poiler animation overhaul one hand Relaxed sneak animations

Refined movement

Refined artifacts

Lanterns and candles SE(Maybe)

Smeltdown update

IA92s enchanting without restrictions

Wear multiple rings

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Sustained magic

Sustained magic apocalypse


Skyland All in one

Skyland AIO patch

Tamriel reloaded

Great City of solitude

Great city ussep patch

The great cities by soldier

Fortified whiterun

Whiterun City full of life

Better skyforge

Epic Crabs Lawbringer

More bandit camps explorer mode

Forgotten Dungeons

Easier riders dungeon pack

Sea of ghosts expansion

The Watchtowers reborn

Immersive farms (no)

Place of power

ElSopa’s new enchantment

ESO Skyshards

Lockpicking interface

Beautiful gold overhaul

Expanded gemstones

Medieval torches for Skyrim

Inferno fire effects redux

Mystic Condenser XB1

XB1 Narrative Loot

Updated Mine Markers

Sleep to level up

Better pelt prices

Sneak tools

GET immersive cheats

IA92 Warzone m Missives by iron dusk33

Carriage stops of Skyrim (no)

Realistic boat travel (no)

Realistic water two

Better water for realistic water two

Realistic water two – I need patch

Color patches removed

Alternate start

New Beginnings live another life Run for your lives

Better intimidation

Realistic conversations

Underwhelming multiple followers

Umf compatibility

FPS eternal


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