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So I play SSE on Xbox One, and I have looked up advice on organizing load orders, but I still encounter bugs. I do not know the first thing about what proper load order should look like so I am providing a list of my mods in the order I have them in.

Load order suggestions (as in reordering it for me and recommending that particular load order) are preferred, but any advice and/or constructive criticism is always welcome

Here is the list:


The Helios Protector Project (romance overhaul)

Relationship Dialogue Overhaul

RDO Amazing follower tweaks patch

Guard Dialogue Overhaul

Serana Dialogue Add-On

Immersive Citizens AI Overhaul

Amazing Follower Tweaks

Cheat Room

Sounds of Skyrim Complete Edition

Wintersun Faiths of Skyrim

Imperious Races of Skyrim

Violens killmove mod

The notice board (bounty overhaul mod)

The Paarthurnax Dilemma (paarthurnax quest overhaul mod)

The Great Cities (Skyrim City overhaul adding buildings, structures, etc)

The Great City of Solitude (standalone for Solitude by same author as the above, which is not included in the mod above)

Rayek's End SSE expanded edition (player home)

Sovngarde a nordic font

Menus of Skyrim-Alduin's doom (menu image replacer)

Armors and Clothes Overhaul remastered

Old Kingdom weapon overhaul

Artifacts the Breton Paladin (small quest and unique armor/weapon add on)

Cloaks and Capes (clothing add on)

Warmonger Armory SSE (armor add on)

Kynreeve Armor

Royal Armor (unique weapon overhaul)

Reliquary of Myth Artifact overhaul (daedric artifact overhaul)

Reliquary of Myth Dragon priest mask overhaul

Apocalypse Magic of Skyrim

Reliquary of Myth Warmonger armory patch

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Truly absorb dragon souls (dragon soul overhaul??)

Ordinator Perks of Skyrim

50% more perk points

Growl Werebeasts of Skyrim ( werewolf overhaul)

Andromeda unique standing stones of Skyrim (standing stone overhaul)

Thunderchild epic shouts (shout add on)

Summermyst Enchantments of Skyrim ( enchantment add on)

Apocalypse/Ordinator compatability patch

Arcanum a New Age of Magic (magic add on/overhaul)

Improved Bandits (bandit AI overhaul/difficulty changer)

Bijin All in One (female NPC retexture/remesh)

Redesigned Males (Male NPC retexture/remesh)

Dramatic Alduin (Alduin retexture)

Beards (beard retexture)

Inigo (follower add on)

Talkative Dragons (dragon speech overhaul )

Skyland All in One (Skyrim lands, buildings, roads, etc retexture)

Skyland AIO Road patch

A Quality World Map (world map retexture)

Enchanced Blood Textures

Ultimate HD Fire effects (fire retexture)

Arctic Frost effects redux (frost effect retexture)

Voltage (electricity retexture)

Diverse Dragons Collection (Dragon Add on/retexture)

Stones of Barenziah Quest Marker

Realistic Death Physics

Alternate Start Live Another life

New Beginnings live another life (alternate start add on)

Old Kingdom Weapon overhaul patch

Any reorders or advice is most helpful!!


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