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I'm playing Skyrim SE on the Xbox One, and I know it's very annoying to come across dummies like myself, but if there's any chance any of you would like to help me fix my load order, that would be so nice of you. If not, feel free to rip me as I probably deserve it. The main issue I'm having is lag and crashing when moving quickly through the game (e.g., looking around while riding Arvak, swimming, etc.). Here's my load order, I tried reading descriptions and following Tarsh's LO Spreadsheet as well as reading descriptions, but I've realized maybe my brain is too little to understand fully.
• Survival (CC)
• Campfire: Complete Camping System
• Unofficial Skyrim Survival Patch
• Campfire – Survival Mode Fix
• Ars Metallica
• Cheat Room
• Display Enhancements
• The Paarthurnax Dilemma
• Wearable Lanterns
• Ordinator – Perks of Skyrim
• Apocalypse – Ordinator Compatibility Patch
• Naruto Ultimate Overhaul
• IA92's Teleport Spell
• Arvak Enhanced
• Wear Multiple Rings
• Rebalanced Encounter Zones and Leveled Actors – XB1
• Sounds of Skyrim – Complete Edition
• STAR: Double Gold (A Superior Treasure and Rewards Mod)
• Graphics Pack
• Graphics Pack – Assets 1
• Graphics Pack – Assets 2
• Surreal Lighting
• Enhanced Night Skyrim
• Veydosebrom – Grasses and Groundcover – Normal Edition
• Enhanced Blood Textures
• Teeth (less red version, improved lip-sync)
• Skyrim Vanity Kit
• Adorable Females
• XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended with TBBP Animations – XPMSSE & TB
• Pro's UNP Seraphim
• UNP Female Armor Refitted
• Beauties of Skyrim HD
• Definitive Beauty Pack
• Definitive Beauty Pac: Male Add-On
• Expressive Female Facial Animations
• Girly Animation
• BIG: More Kill Moves and Decapitations (a Better Improvements for Gameplay Mod)
• BIG Jump 2X (Jump Twice as High)
• GET No More Dead Followers (a Game Environment Tweaks Mod)
• Inferno – Fire Effects Redux
• Skyrim Reputation
• Divine Interiors: Shadows and Light
• Point The Way
• Relationship Dialogue Overhaul
• Cutting Room Floor
• Bijin All in One by rxkx22
• Free Player Hearthfire Building
• Rich Merchants of Skyrim: Special Edition
• Realistic Conversations
• Immersive Movement
• Serana Dialogue Add-On
• Sofia – The
• Magical College of Winterhold
• Realistic Water Two SE
• Landscape Fixes for Grass Mods
• Landscape for Grass Mods – Cutting Room Floor Patch
• Insignificant Object Remover
• FPS Boost
• A Quality World Map – Vivid with Stone Roads
• A Quality World Map – Clear Map Skies
• Pastel Map Markers
If you've made it this far, I appreciate your consideration, really looking for any kind of help. If this is something that takes a long time, obviously I don't want to be a douche, so PM me, and I won't mind sending payment or something. Thanks!

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