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Looking for a standalone adventure using the Skyrim game engine

Content of the article: "Looking for a standalone adventure using the Skyrim game engine"

Hi all, I thought this might be the place for me to ask this question. I'd like to have a standalone experience with an RPG built using Skyrim's creator kit. Something like Falskaar comes to mind, except this doesn't entirely pique my interest. I also can't confirm whether I will need to make a traditional Skyrim character before journeying to the area.

I would like there to be little to no time spent in the base game before beginning my time in the new location. I also prefer it if the mod is not set anywhere in The Elder Scrolls universe.

Darkend looked very nice, but I am not willing to play to Level 15 in Skyrim before beginning it or tamper around with my character and skills. I just want to download the mod, and jump right into the adventure. It doesn't need to be glorious. I will be more than happy to play through any average person's attempt at making their own story using the Skyrim engine even if the voice acting is not good and it is not visually outstanding. I will enjoy any sense of story and progression that is present.

The most important thing to me is that I really want to feel like I am having a completely new experience with the existing Skyrim engine. I've played that much of the base game now that I'm completely worn out by it. I don't care if the mod is short. I will be happy to play something an hour long, even if the end-game is at Level 5.

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I really prefer it if I don't have to make my character as part of the Skyrim introduction. The most I am willing to do is use an alternate start mod and TP myself to the beginning location of the mod at Level 1 but I have an extreme preference to not even do this, and additionally, if this is not the intended way of playing the mod or would get in the way of my experience with it, it's probably not for me.

You will have my utmost gratitude if you are able to recommend to me something that will fit my criteria. All suggestions are welcome, even if you made the mod. Thank you for reading.


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