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Looking for advice on gameplay adjustment mods. specifically alchemy/perks and magic

Content of the article: "Looking for advice on gameplay adjustment mods. specifically alchemy/perks and magic"

Things like combat gameplay overhaul. Archery gameplay overhaul, wintermyst, frostfall etc. I'm thinking about adding things like toxicity se/Chasing the dragon, and want more things that alter and balance gameplay around, but am unsure how they play alongside other mods such as the above.
Also haven't really been able to find a alchemy mod that does something similar to say wintermyst other then "alchemy additions" a semi old mod that seems to only add the flesh spells as potion effects, rather then anything new. And if theres not – at the very least is there a way to adjust the toxicity effect taken from Toxicity SE and make it rely on a potion scalar that goes up as the "intensity" of the potion is raised? instead of off its value, since potion value can be finicky, but like have potion effects have base levels of toxicity relative to their value, and then a scalar bonus or debuff if they are say a 100% healing potion, or one that would 100% heal you due to low health, etc

Also wondering (based on peoples experiences with the mods) how people feel on ordinator vs something like perkus maximus? I've done a playthrough before with ordinator on, and it seems to be the more popular and compatible, however im unsure if its the best one out there for me. i did love it however.

and with magic.. i guess im looking for more "alternative means" mods. things that open up new playstyles for mages, that fit in with the other classes like thieving/warrior. like for example how some mods open up the ability to lockpick as a mage with the alteration tree. things like that. or how the base game allows mages to stealth with invisibility and muffle. haven't really been able to find any like, charm spells, or spells that affect npcs in your favour to give me their stuff, or cheaper prices etc. make npcs temporarily act as fences, or really open up the alteration/illusion tree.

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And finally.. i guess im looking for more things like fus roh door or destructible display cases. not revolving around those things specifically, but things that just add more gameplay mechanics i haven't heard of to skyrim. problem is i can't look for something i don't know exists really. Obviously i know about things like, campfire, frostfall, needs mods etc, because their easy and well easy to have the idea and search for, but im more so looking for wild out there mods that nobodys heard of, or would think outside of gameplay "oh i should be able to do that" or "that should be a thing"


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