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Looking for fix: Skyrim became laggy and buggy after Falskaar

Content of the article: "Looking for fix: Skyrim became laggy and buggy after Falskaar"

Required info from modwatch – Overview of my mods

Short version:

Since leaving Falskaar my game gas become laggy, textures flash constantly, and it eats resources like crazy. It's becoming hard to play. I don't know how to make it stable again.

Long version:

So, I have 500+ mods installed, and my game was fabulous. Smooth, fun, hours of play at a time before it would even think of lagging. Then I went to play Falskaar. It was pretty enjoyable, but had quite a lot of bugs. (which I can detail if you think it matters) Every time I hit one, I was able to overcome it in-game, so I went on my merry way and finished the storyline. I'd already finished all the side quests, so it was time to go home.

I got on the boat, but when I appeared in Dawnstar I had no HUD, no control, and was being attacked by a dragon. I tried again, same deal. ALT+Tab, look it up, it appears to be a common bug. Everyone's suggestion is to do a COC Whiterun. I know COC is not a great idea, but no one has a better suggestion. COC it is.

The first attempt found my character buried up to her thighs in the middle of the road, a point atop her neck, and her head about a mile up in the sky. No Bueno. Reload, try again. Success! My girl, her guy, and their two horses appear and head off to the house up the road like nothing ever happened. Sure, I have the mission to take the boat out of Falskaar stuck in my journal, but I'm home, so it's cool, right? Not so much.

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I'm used to getting a good 4 hours of play before the game uses too many resources (10+gb) and has to be shut down. Now I'm lucky to get an hour and it chokes at only 7gb. I can see seams in the landscape now. Snow gags the game. The scenery flashes like a strobe light, even things too close to be LODs. Going from Whiterun to Winterhold on horseback, during the night, was enough to lag the game unbearably. My load screens are incredibly long now too.

I've restarted the game, rebooted the computer, and looked up things like "skyrim slow after falskaar", "falskarr runaway process" and "skyrim suddenly laggy". I don't know if the problem is Falskaar related for sure, but it seems more than coincidental that I played for weeks and it ran beautifully, even in Falskaar, and I didn't have any trouble until I left the worldspace. For the record, it's not my PC, because everything else runs without issue, including other large games and programs.

Is there a known issue that I'm facing? Is there a way to narrow down and fix the problem? I seem to recall there being some kind of tool you could run or thing to type in the console that would clean a save of runaway things, but I can't remember exactly. For all I know it's because I have an Amber Mead in my backpack and the game doesn't like it. There's got to be something though, and Falskaar is all I've done for my last couple weeks of play. I'd really appreciate any help in getting my game back to being smooth and wonderful.
(Please note, I do NOT consider starting over with Falskaar removed to be a viable option. I've got too much good going in this play-through. Restarting is the last resort.)

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Thanks for any help.


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