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Looking for ideas for my bard/archaeologist playthrough

Content of the article: "Looking for ideas for my bard/archaeologist playthrough"

I've been testing mods for my next playthrough, and I think I have the mods I want pinpointed. I'm playing a bard who's a history buff + adrenaline junkie that loves music, booze, and gambling. I know she'll do the thieves guild questline and the mage questline and possibly the Companions. Sometimes I push through quests too fast, so I'm making this modlist with the idea that I want to slow things down a bit. I'm going with the following in addition to bug fixes, convenience mods, armor and weapon mods, and visual mods:

  • Archaeology + Legacy Addons: {Legacy of the Dragonborn} + {Zim's Immersive Artifacts} + {Fossil Mining} + {Forgotten City} + {Helgen Reborn} + {Skyrim Sewers}
  • Character Creation: {Ordinator – Perks of Skyrim} + {Mundus – A Standing Stone Overhaul} +{Aetherius – A Race Overhaul} + {Alternate Start – Live Another Life}
  • Breathe some life into the game: {Cutting Room Floor} + {Diverse Skyrim} + {Immersive Patrols} + {Dawn of Skyrim} + {The Great Cities – Minor Cities and Towns} + {Quaint Raven Rock} + {Settlements Expanded} + {AI Overhaul} + {Oakwood} + {Karthwasten} + {Shor's Stone} + {Ivarstead} + {Kato's Riverwood} + {Interesting NPCs} + {Lucien – Immersive Fully Voiced Male Follower} + {Inigo}
  • Fun with magic: {Spell Research} + {Immersive Spell Learning} + {Apocalypse – Magic of Skyrim} + {Mysticism – Magic Overhaul} + {Useful Alteration}
  • Fun with factions/guilds: {Obscure's College of Winterhold} + {Misc. College of Winterhold Tweaks} + {Immersive College NPCs} + {Penitus Oculatus} + {More Radiant Quests for the Companions} + {Opulent Thieves Guild} + {Sneak Tools} + {Thieves Guild Alternate Routes – Taking Care of Business Mod} + {No to Nocturnal}
    • I know she wouldn't join the Dark Brotherhood and Penitus Oculatus sounded like fun. Has anyone played with it before? I was looking at that and the several Destroy the Dark Brotherhood options but this one looked like the most different and possibly fun option.
  • But she's a bard!: {Become a Bard} + {Eloquent Reader} + {Bard's College Excavation} + {Ennet's Enhanced Bards College}
  • Adrenaline all day long: {Skyrim Revamped: Complete Enemy Overhaul} + {Smilodon} + {Skyrim Revamped Rebalanced and Releveled Bosses} + {Encounter Zones Unlocked} + {MEZF – Missing Encounter Zones Fixed} + {Lore Friendly Resistance Changes} + {Populated Dungeons Caves Ruins Legendary} + {Dragon Combat Overhaul} + {Deadly Dragons}.
    • I like a somewhat leveled world so I have something to do late game. I don't mind the early game being hard, but I hate the late game being too easy. I want easier bandits and mudcrabs late game, but I want to fight to survive the harder enemies. I've tested dragon battles, and they are very challenging on my settings, so I'm good with those. I tested fights with hagravens, bandits, vampires, and draugr with this mod setup and it's… uneven. Some battles feel too easy since I'm running with both Inigo and Lucien (and possibly a 3dNPC) so I'm thinking I might switch to Revenge of the Enemies and/or swap Smilodon for Wildcat.
  • And now some roleplaying: {Immersive Needs – For the Conscientious Modder} + {Mealtime – A simple ESO inspired food overhaul} + {Dirt and Blood} or {Super Simple Bathing} still undecided on this one + {Tavern Games – Mini Games in Skyrim}
  • The vanilla quests tweaked: {The Paarthunax Dilemma} + {Bring Meeko to Lod} + {Finding Help – A Laid to Rest Overhaul} + {Gildergreen Regrown} + {Save the Icerunner} + {Mistwatch Ending – More Options} + {Missives} + {Timing is Everything} + {After the Civil War – Siege Damage Repairs} + {Civil War Aftermath SE}
Read:  I want to replace one mesh in the game with a mesh I made but all of the six or seven modding tutorials I've used have been incomplete.

Is there anything I'm missing from this? What would you add?Also, what's your favorite destroy the Dark Brotherhood mod?

I know she's going to use the Legacy of the Dragonborn safehouse as her main player home, but I was thinking she should have something else on the other side of the map. I really like the look of {LC_Build Your Own Noble House} for her, and I've never used any of the build your own home stuff so I would like to try it, but it sounds like there are some issues with that mod. Have any of you tried it? What was your experience?


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