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Loot manager addon guide a.k.a how to play without ESO+ crafting bag

25th January 2021



Yet another ESO+ trial is here to entice players to subscribe for access to the crafting bag. Maybe you can't afford it, or simply don't want another subscription – should you really let the lack of inventory space affect your enjoyment of the game?

I'll describe the Bandit Loot manager options that I use to get around this issue in this post. This is aimed primarily at PC players with access to addons, Bandit Loot Manager and Dustman are recommended.

How does it work?

A loot manager addon auto marks certain items that you filter (conditional logic) as trash items. When you interact with a Merchant NPC it auto-sells all the trash items. When you interact with a banker NPC it auto-deposits to bank.

Most of the items that clutter your inventory are trash items, to quickly clear them all you need to do is interact with the NPCs – Assistant merchant and banker (I use Fezez and Ezabi) are great for this.

How do I get in on this?

I use BanditUI + Bandit Loot Manager (

You can also use Dustman for the same functionality – the checked boxes you need are more or less the same.


It is highly recommended that you get the assistants for Banker and Merchant. If you can afford only one, go for the Banker – merchant NPCs can be found roaming the Overland. In groups you can ask your groupmates to spawn an assistant if they have one.

I recommend putting materials in the bank. I understand this will require some re-arranging and space-saving, but from my personal use I found that you need about 100 slots free to keep just the materials. So upgrade your bank as much as possible – Upto 200 is a good amount, and you should hover around 170ish.

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For armors (not so much of a problem now due to Set Collections), furniture, decon items etc. I recommend using the storage boxes which can be gotten via master writ vouchers. Try to get at least 3×60.

This guide auto-sells most materials that are not max level. Believe me that is the biggest source of clutter in the game and they are mostly useless.

The caveat of keeping rare style mats is that they take up a lot of space and are only useful for doing Master Writs, I recommend selling the writs OR doing them sparingly.

Set items are left untouched so you can decon them for adding to Set Collections.

Your sequence of actions should be:

DECON (if possible/if you want) -> Sell to merchant -> Bank

this ensures trash items are sold and "good items" are banked. 

OK I've installed it, what now?

Time to set it up. In the addon settings menu (ESC > Addons usually) select Bandit Loot Manager and you should see a lot of options. The options I use and recommend (explained shortly) are attached to this post as screenshots.

Explanation + my setup in words

First page.

Auto sell in store ✔

Sells items marked as trash to merchant instantly. RECOMMENDED 

Auto currency transfer❌

I recommend you transfer money to bank manually. Upto you. 

Auto deposit to bank ✔

RECOMMENDED. Auto deposits to bank. 

Auto laundry with Fence ✔


Remember items

IMPORTANT. Some items (such as Hakeijo) have to be MANUALLY UNMARKED as trash. Once marked as not-trash it shouldn't auto-sell. 

Chat messages

Upto you to see the level of detailed info needed. I leave it at the first option. 


None selected, since I don't auto currency transfer. 


Same as above. Has useful options though for common trash items like Soul gems, it doesn't accumulate all that much to be an issue IMO. Can be handled manually. 


Common trash items -> Auto-sell Non-set armor/weapons (eg. Ruby Ash staff) -> Auto-sell Ornates -> Auto-sell Stolen items -> Auto-sell (Note: this + auto-laundry makes fencing automated) Jewelry -> NO SELECTION (Note: I personally keep jewelry to decon on my alts. If you don't need this, you can auto-sell or decon without selecting) Glyphs -> NO SELECTION (Note: I personally keep Glyphs to decon on my alts. It's not very significant xp unless you decon green and above, so you can set that OR auto-sell to save space) Fragments -> NO SELECTION Potions/poisons -> Auto-sell (so much clutter) Food/drink -> Auto-sell under Purple quality. (Note: Food can be easily bought off guild traders, I prefer to save space) Furnishing -> NO SELECTION 

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Second page.


Low level materials -> auto-sell (Note: Marks mats under max level (eg. Jute) as trash - this is where the bulk of auto inventory management happens) Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Clothier, Woodworking, Jewelry, Furnishing Materials -> AUTO-BANK (IMPORTANT, only sends max level items to bank) Style materials -> Destroy (CAREFUL! If you want to buy style mats from a common merchant, make sure to TURN THIS OFF, otherwise it will be automatically destroyed. Turn it off, buy the items and bank 'em if you need to buy) Trait material -> Destroy (so much clutter) Crafting boosters -> AUTO-BANK (They sell for a bomb) Food ingredients -> Destroy (useless trash mostly. CAREFUL! If you want to make your own food buying mats from Guild Vendors, TURN THIS OFF. Doesn't destroy Roes) Potency/essence rune -> Auto-sell (so much clutter) Aspect rune -> Auto-sell (so much clutter) Note: I have unmarked runes required for writs (eg. Oko, Deni etc.), you can do so as well. 


Crafting style known: Destroy Under BLUE IF not known by MAIN Select your main character in the box to the extreme right. It saves recipes not known by current character and your main (everything else is destroyed) Crafting style unknown: NO SELECTION Recipe known: Auto-sell/Destroy (same as Crafting style known) Recipe unknown: Same as Crafting style unknown Blueprint known: Same as above Blueprint unknown: Same as above 

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Third page.


Treasure Maps -> DESTROY ALL except Valuable. (Note: Personal preference, they accumulate so much and clutters a lot, and its not worth it unless you are farming Ancestral leads.) Survey maps -> Auto-bank (Lucrative) Master writs -> Auto-bank (Useful) Scrolls -> NO SELECTION (Can be done manually) 


All presets.

Install Bandit's Loot Manager

Use my preset




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