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Lore question about (dark)magic

Dear lore-folks,

I am writing a backstory for several RP characters. One of them is a dark sorcerer who is a master necromancer who eventually has become a lich, also proficient in mysticism and illusion magic.

Now, the protagonist in this story, being a 10-year-old kid (when he is introduced, currently is 24 years old) who was struck with a powerful mind control spell (or influenced by an enchantment), and therefore was commanded to kill his own parents, in his sorrow and guilt, he was being raised by the very person who made this mind-control possible in the first place… I will just refer to this person (dark sorcerer) by name; Arnrgrim.

Now in order for Arngrim to transcend he needed someone dark and broken enough to be his puppet, a harvester of souls, who's mind would be easy to twist and rule. That's where Eivar comes in. (the kid who killed his parents), he's so sad and filled with guilt, on top of that Arnrgim tortured Eivar, destroying his mental state, his sense of pain, turning his guilt into anger and forsake any believe in the existence of peace and love. Slowly turning him into a tool to use in the grand scheme which is Arngrim's transcendence. Eivar would grow into a almost mindless mass murderer, who would kill men, women, children without remorse, through his corruption, mind control and his broken spirit. That all, through being a young man. While growing up, he will realize things, perhaps a "plot device" must be in place… Could be a friend, or a girl, that will wake up the feeling of love or friendship, eventually turning Eivar against his master, and making him want to break free from this dark sorcerer's grip. So Eivar confronted Arngrim, and fought him. Eivar lost this battle, being burned and wounded badly, also somehow being rid of his memories (don't know if through trauma or a spell, still have to figure that out…)

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Eivar gets lost and somehow ends up in a vampire society, where he will recover his memory with the help of the thrallmistress who is powerful in mind-magic etc… Eventually he will be sired by the king of this place, giving him new strength, which he will have to learn to wield and harness. On the way to truly becoming strong and powerful, stuff will happen, but this is all in RP.

Now… eventually there will be RP against Arngrim, etc., but the key questions that need answering is the following:

· During the harvesting of souls, Eivar will be slaying victims. Their souls need to be transferred to a relic which is in a remote location. I've discussed with someone that this can be done through magic, probably being a relic-jewelry item/necklace etc., that will relay these souls to a relic which is located in what will be the ritual chamber in which Arngrim will transcend. Now, ES lore is very "flexible" and will most definitely have a way for this, but any input to make this proces more believable or effective is more than welcome.

  • ·The mind control, I wonder if there will be any visual effect on the victim, i.e. a lose of shine in the eyes, or pupil size increase/decrease, or even going as far as a change in eye color or anything really…
  • Will the mind control be limited to a spell, or can it be done by a mark, imagine runes carved into the victim's body, or somehow by attaching an enchanted item into the body… like an implant or whatever…
  • I want to make Arngrim as powerful as possible, really pushing the lore boundaries, making him more powerful than your average lich… so if anyone has any suggestions or ideas, more than welcome…
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Last but not least hmu name's Eivarr in-game PC-EU. I like to do PVP and landscaping, but I'm big time into RP. So, let me know if you're into it. Always nice to meet new friends!

Cheers lads and gals,



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