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Lost Lore: Dwem a little Dwemer of me…

Content of the article: "Lost Lore: Dwem a little Dwemer of me…"

Recently I have been dedicating my time to digging up the past of TES to uncover lost and forgotten parts of the lore. You may have seen my recent discoveries of Loranna's RP or the forgotten Interview with Divayth Fyr. If you have any works that you know are lost please let me know and I will do everything I can to recover them.

Today I bring you the forgotten parts of "Sotha Sil's Last Words". I have included dates of each post to give a reference to how this RP unfolded. Please remember the Tribunal expansion did not release until 11.06.02.

It all began soon after Tribunal was announced in a speculation thread called "Dwem a little Dwemer of me".


Sotha Sil: 9/18/02

I watch. I wonder. I build. I tear down.

Am I a god? A surely as any are.

Gods have forever to measure their words. Mortals only moments to hear them.

Is the Lord Vivec a god? As surely as I am.

Vivec is a poet. Trust not the words of a poet, as he is born to seduce. Yet for poetry to sieze the heart, it must ring with the chimes of truth.

Is the Lady Almalexia a god? As surely as is Lord Vivec.

Almalexia is a warrior. Beware the warrior, as her steel may not distinguish friend from foe. But in a true hand, a sharp blade may carve history.

Again you ask, am I a god?

I am Sotha Sil. I am the Mage. I am the Clockmaker.

You ask where my Clockwork City is? Some say in the swamps of Black Marsh. Others claim it is deep in the ground beneath Ebonheart. I have even heard it told that my city is contained within a jar on the Lady Almalexia's mantle. These are all true, and false. My city is where I live, and I live in my city. Its location is unimportant, as I am its only citizen.

The Dwemer were the Dwemer. The Chimer were the Chimer. Now the Dwemer are gone and the Chimer are changed. Azura's words weigh heavy, but we have discussed the words of gods already, have we not?

I am Sotha Sil.

I watch. I wonder. I build. I tear down.


Sotha Sil: 9/19/02

Thieves? An interesting concept. Did we steal the essence of the Divine, or was it given to us freely, that we might lead our people into a new age?

Few called us thieves when by words and by rite the Princes of Oblivion were bound to a truce. Fewer still when Mehrunes Dagon broke that truce and himself was broken on the soil of Mournhold.

The events of Red Mountain happened so long ago. What has Lord Vivec told you about that day? Did he wrap it in riddles, give you an array of possible pasts all leading to the same inevitable future? That is his way.

Do not curse him for this, as this is what he is. A puzzle. The opposition to his own viewpoint.

Almalexia would tell the story best, I think. She of us all was the closest to Nerevar. Lover. Counsel. General. And she of us all wears the mantle of a god most proudly. She has walked among the people and learned their frailties. Learned them well.

Men of god? Gods of men? Which should you fear most?

You wonder where the Dwemer have gone? Perhaps better to wonder why one remains. Even gods dislike the absolute, for it stinks of something larger than themselves.

Still I watch.


Divayth Fyr: 9/19/02

Upon arriving at my tower, I was informed by one of my wives that a wonderous discussion has taken place without my knowlege. Bear with me, for my long journey has left me weary.

And so, the debate over the Tribunal, Kagrenac's tools, and the Dwemer has arisen once again! My dear up-and-coming scholars, the facts are there! Can you not see the truth? Allow me to prod a bit on your senses in order to bring some light into this topic.

The Tribunal….

Vivec, Almalexia, and Sotha Sil are God heroes, are they not? Self made upon using Kagrenac's tools (which I will discuss in a bit) upon Lorkhan's Heart. Azura punished them, and their peoples (yes, including me!). The dark skin and fiery eyes is a visible and alarming reminder. Is this coincidence that the change happened upon the breaking of the oath? Azura is indeed the culprit. Had the "Tribunal" not undergone this deed, Azura would have taken no action. Did Azura take the lives of the Dwemer for attepting use of the Heart? A question that only the Goddess can answer, but I do not believe so. Nobody knows what plans Kagrenac had for the Heart. Perhaps Kagrenac's use of the Heart was the undoing of the Dwemer. Either by plan or by mistake. This is of little concern to the Tribunal. They got what they came for. To walk in the "Shadows of Gods". To send their general off to a Battle and recover their prize. Nerevar was, in my opinion, expendable, to them. Nerevar would know the truth behind the Dwemer and the Tribunal hunger for Power. This brings me to another matter…. did Nerevar indeed die of his wounds, or did the Tribunal fear his knowlege of the truth, and silence him, forever? Surely the Tribunal and Azura would know. Azura was quite fond of Nerevar, and it is possible that *IF* the Tribunal did exterminate Nerevar, Azura cursed the Tribunal and the chimer for this. The Dissident Priests seem to believe this aspect, as do I.

Kagrenac's Tools….

Keening, Sunder, and Wraithguard. The very same tools that Kagrenac designed and constructed to harness the Power of the Heart. Can these tools also be used to destroy the Heart? Are they intended to send the Heart back to it's origin? Or are they simply used as tools to draw forth Power for individual consumption? Well, we know how the Tribunal used them. The mystery is, what were Kagrenac's plans for them? Sotha Sil was able to decipher their use for tapping into the Power. The Tribunal paid a visit to Red mountain with the Tools and did just that, thus, becoming "God-Men".

The Dwemer….

First and foremost, one must ask themselves, were the dwemer a carefree or a careless race? Were they tolerable or were they tyrants? Did they create machines of offensive or defensive? What *IS* known is, they were great inventors of machine and construct. Magic was not favored by them, but it is rumored that there was some practice within their numbers.

Did the Tribunal fear them? We know that in order for the Tribunal to gain their "God-Men" Power, they had to defeat the Dwemer to recover what they had in their possession. It is not very likely that the Tribunal feared the Dwemer, they simply feared what the dwemer could become. Afterall, an entire race that was as poswerful as the small Tribunal would be quite a power to be reconned with.

Their disappearance is still a mystery that grows deeper and deeper with every step taken forward. We know that *ALL* Dwemer (with the exception of my good friend Yagrum) vanished when Kagrenac struck the Heart with his tools. Where they went is the true mystery. Many theories say they were transported to Oblivion. Quite a harsh place to *want* to go, if that was their plan. It is possible they went somewhere by accident. It is even possible they just ceased to exist at all. The idea that they are lost in time is quite new to me. I highly doubt that since the laws behind time would govern us to not even recall they even existed. Trully something supernatural, indeed. I *DO* know what happened, but in all reality, I do NOT know where they have gone or is they are in all truth, dead.

Perhaps, with the meeting of our minds and studies, we can find more meaning and resolve to these matters at hand. I have dedicated much of my time and work to this subject and expect to find some sense in it.

And beware the Tribunal. For years, they have known what we do not. They speak in odd Tongues and bite like snakes in tall wickwheat. Their secret is their true Power. For, the return of the Nerevarine Prophecy will bring them into the light and their true identities shall be known. Their words should be taken with a grain of skooma.


Divayth Fyr: 09/20/02

Ah, B, my good friend, you overestimate my intentions. I am but a student. A student of the mysteries that engulf the land entire. It is not my way to tackle obstacles. It is my way to solve them. One may know how to climb a mountain, yet one may never climb it. I do not seek the Power of the Heart. I yearn to understand it. Just as the Dwemer may have. We do not know for sure that they wished to weild such power. Perhaps they simply wished to understand it's uses. Not necessarily use them. One can only speculate.

I had the opportunity of gaining audience with Sotha Sil some time ago. Indeed, it was long ago. He has since then gone into complete seclusion. He had little to say but would listen with an ever alert sense. I tried to persuade him into working with me on some theories involving the fluxuation of power that the Dwemer seemed to have mastered in their steam driven machina. Although he appeared quite interested, he was pressed for another duty. One which he did not, and would not mention. I bid him farewell and took my leave. He was nil seen after that meeting. I do agree, that Sotha Sil shares an interest as I do, but we are very much different. As I wish to understand, he wishes to utilise. He is the farthest thing from Psijic. I believe Sotha Sil cared not for Psijic Ways. There is order in the Ways, and Sotha Sil tends to follow only HIS order.

In the past, it would appear that the Tribunal have lost much communication with one another. With the reversing of Sotha Sil's Clockwork and his silence and seclusion, Vivec straining all power to hold aloft the mighty Blight, and Mournhold on the horizon of becoming a major Capital, the Man-Gods have their hands full. And with the Nerevarine Prophecy knocking on their doors, I would imagine there is nil cheer, but fear, in their hearts. What does the Prophecy have in store for them.


Divayth Fyr: 09/24/02

Very interesting theories indeed, Raptor. Quite a bit of insight for a young up-and-coming scholar. Surely, the word "betrayal" rings out far and wide in this Tribunal circle. It is my belief, that there is a conspiracy that is still hidden in the depths of the Tribunal knowlege. Azura surely knows of it. Nerevar would too. I cannot say for sure if Nerevar betrayed Dagoth Ur, but we know that Dagoth is one that cannot be trusted, by writings. The Dissident Priests believe tell that Dagoth had a plan of his own.

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The Raised King Wulfarth, the Nords, and the Orcs all played parts in this enormous plot. With all these players in their prospective positions, none may know of the Dwemer disappearance though. To know the answer to this mystery, one must understand the Powers that the heart held, Kagrenac's Tools, and Kagrenac's Plans. With an understanding of these issues, one may be able to unlock the demise of the Dwemer. Even speaking with Yagrum, he cannot be sure of what exactly happened and what the plans for the tools were. As of where my research currently stands, the only excuse for Yagrum's existence is the fact that he contracted Corprus, possibly rendering him immune to the disappearance. This, however, has a major loophole. Corprus and the Blight did not appear until AFTER the disappearance of the Dwemer. Is it possible that Corprus existed before? There is no record of it in all of Tamrielic history prior to the event. Much more is still hidden that we have yet to see, I am afraid. The Dwemer may still play a part in Tamrielic history I imagine. I do not think we have seen the end of them yet. Are they buying time in an out of reach location? It would appear that they left behind Centurions and Sentrys to keep guard of their strongholds. Did the Dwemer REALLY lose at Red Mountain? Perhaps that is what they wish us to think.

What is true?

What is false?

Who is right?

Who is wrong?

Surely, all of our words are false, and we are all wrong? The Tribunal would make it so.


Divayth Fyr: 09/25/02

My dear lad, Striker…. you appear to write as though I take all truth from scriptures and words. Alas, that is quite the contrary. Allow me to build on what I was attempting to say.

There is no solid proof that the Dwemer ever even HAD a "link" to the Heart. All we know is, they had the Heart in their possession and somehow, upon striking the Heart with the tools, they disappeared. I can so no more of this considering it is all that is known. As for the Tribunal, considering the Heart is their Power source, who knows just how their Powers would react to a severed link. Would they lose them? The only sure fire way of knowing would be in attempting such a feat.

My love for the Tribunal is no more than for a stranger passing on the road. It is quite passive, entering with little trust until proven. The Dissident Priests are a shady lot, yet they are true to the Ashlander belief, and stern believers in Nerevar. Now you, as an individual, neither of the Priests nor the Tribunal, must ask yourself, are the three "False Gods". In the context that the Dissident Priests paint, possibly so. In "MY" context, they are. Had they ascended by another means, suitable to comfort the Gods, I do believe they would be True enough Gods. However, they are no REAL Gods. What IS a REAL God?Surely one would believe Azura a REAL God if one were inclined to believe in her. Without the ramblings of an old Dunmer who must get back to his studies sometime today, I personally consider them "Powerful Dunmer". No more, no less. Mind you, these are MY words. They are real enough to bleed and they walk with fellow Dunmer. In the sense of "Gods", they do not fit the description.

Surely you must be mistaken if you think I believe what I read in scriptures and myths. I simply bring up The Five Songs of King Wulfarth for those who hunger for some insight to the Red Mountain situation of past. They are to be taken, my no means, as truth. Just as I, should be not taken for truth. They are quite innacurate, simpy because there is no proof. They certainly contain many holes which only lead to more puzzlement, and that is where the reading gets interesting. So, certainly, the writing can be used, simply because, that is all we have, and to draw questions from that is the only way to put the true puzzle together. As many of my fellow scholars know, I know quite a bit of what happened through my researches and studies. However, I am sworn to my secrecy outside of my council.

A trip to Almelexia would be quite a step towards your researches. I have done so on many occasion. Such a wonderous city and named for the ever beautiful and deadly member of the Tribunal. Her audience will not be so easily accomplished though it would be a step in the right direction. Good luck in your ventures.


Divayth Fyr: 09/26/02

I shall attempt to follow suit with as many questions as I can in my pressing time. For, I am due for a great feast with the council in short due time.

All very good assumptions and theories from this gathering. Quite intuitive. But, if you will allow me to add a small trinket of knowlege that has been completely overlooked, then I shall. If you have heard recently, the reincarnate, Lord Nerevar, did indeed confront the Heart, and it's loyal servant, Dagoth Ur. Nerevar had these great tools of Kagrenac, did he not? Think now, did he use just any ONE tool? Was there a particular way he had to use them? Think about these and I shall check with this gathering after my council feast.


Divayth Fyr: 09/26/02

Allow me to reiterarate what i was building on earlier.

The tools that the "reincarnate" of Nerevar used on the Heart (a correction in identity of this lone hero) were as follows….




The very same tools that Kagrenac built to tap into the Hearts power, and the same tools the Tribunal used to gain their "Power".

These tools may have to be used in some sort of combination. I have have heard tell of the combination that the "reincarnate" used, but have yet to speak with this "Hortator" that defeated Dagoth Ur. Perhaps the combination was NOT known by Kagrenac upon weilding his tools upon the Heart, there was some reprecussion that he did not expect, thus, causing the disappearance. Sotha Sil may have learned of the enchantments on the tools and deciphered the combination, allowing the Tribunal to correctly use the tools. Is it possible that Kagrenac did NOT know this combination that the Tribunal and the "reincarnate" used? Maybe there was another combination that Kagrenac used that Sotha Sil did not find. Speculation is all. I plan to meet with this "Hortator" and question him of his use of the tools. This may aid me in my understanding of the tools and perhaps, gain some more clues as to the Dwemer disappearance. If any of my fellow scholors here has any information on the use or combination of these tools, feel free to share your knowlege. It may give us some deeper insight.


Divayth Fyr: 09/30/02

The Tribunal hads always respected my work and research to the point of tolerance. They do not always agree with my purpose and opinions, but they also realise my contributions. I do not wish to stand about and wave a flag in my honor, but I have been around for some time and have become one of the more "powerful" and "knowlegable" mortals of this plane. I *DO* house a Dwemer and Yagrum is not a trophy. Vivec and the other Tribunal members may or may not know of his existense, this I do not know, but I also do not keep him secret from the Tribunal. If Vivec were to ask, I surely would inform him. I would not release Yagrum to Vivec's hold without a very good reason, of which I am sure the Tribunal could not consider one worthy enough. I hold no enchantments proecting Yagrum from being seen as I am not his protector. Yagrum is a friend and Iam his host. I work closely with him and we research many articles together. For, in Yagrum's prime, he was quite a scholor himself. Corprus has taken quite a lot out of him and controlling the madness has become much of his internal battle. His memory and wisdom have failed him much since his people's disappearance and Corprus. Perhaps, if the Tribunal know this, they realise there is little threat from him. I recognise the Tribunal and offer much advice and play role as advisor on many an occasion, although I remain one of their largest skeptics. It is an aquaintance built on respect more-so than friendship.

Also, do remember, with the coming of the named "Hortator" and reincarnate, the defeat of the Heart has altered the Tribunal. Still powerful, yet, I am quite sure much of their power has left them when the Heart took it's absence. Knowking just what they are capable of at this point is quite beyond my knowlege.


Divayth Fyr: 9/30/02

My Heart!? Surely my friend, you flatter me, however, weilding my Heart would merely bring one a wet, blood-laden hand. My existense is quite mortal. My flesh is of the earth. My magics are of the mind. My mind is within the winds whence life leaves my body. Any material form of me will be quite useless when I am "returned". The most I have to offer the Tribunal will come in my living years. This they know, and this they follow by. To slaughter me for power would be quite a senseless act with nothing to gain. I will admit, numerous writs have come down bearing my namesake, and no Tong taking the challenge has ever left my Tower with his skin. Within my Halls, I live by the Law of Fyr. Many would believe that taking claim to my possessions will make them mighty indeed, but that is simply their fear of the mystery that surrounds me. I am quite mortal. Power gained was power earned. But mine, is most assuredly, power of knowlege.


Divayth Fyr: 10/01/02

I am not, Divayth Fyr.

The words of many who I allow court. What exactly defines the "proper" Divayth Fyr?

He is not Divayth Fyr, and Divayth Fyr simply is not he.

"He" is not the man, but he asked you, "Who was he?"

I am, Divayth Fyr.

Had I better relations with the Tong, a lawful writ might be sought out. And do know this…. the words of the "one", Divayth Fyr, are never to be taken as, what you prefer to as, "official". Being but a scholar and student/teacher of lore, to be something of "official" is furthest from truth. Had my words been "official", I would hardly take audience with students, such as yourself. So I ask this of you, the one called bigdog60960, show respect until the respect is spent and absorbed by ignorance. Whence I lose your respect, your accounts shall press my shadow towards the sun until it is no more.

I am, Divayth Fyr. Psijiic of the Old. Scholar of the New.


Divayth Fyr: 10/01/02 – in reply to bigdog

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Good day to you and may you enjoy your travels in Morrowind. Let not my words offend you.


Divayth Fyr: 10/02/02

I spoke with the Elders of the council, and a debate broke out concerning the public release of the Dwemer language. I shall continue on with my persuasion and will eventually win, but please remain patient. I am quite sure such a release will aid the lot of you in your researches.

It is, however, quite a risk on my behalf. The Tribunal may not appreciate my sharing of such a thing. I could not tell you why, but it is a specualtion.


Divayth Fyr: 10/03/02

I have news on the council hearings regarding the Dwemer speach. The council seems all too afraid of the Tribunal at this point. The recent events surrounding Vvardenfell have everyone looking for answers and keeping tight on their observations. The council is more concerned with understanding this "outlander" than releasing any sort of documentation. BUT, what was discussed was a missing volume of a Dwemer translation of a popular book. This translation's whereabouts are unknown but it is possible that it is in this province. It has long been sought after by members of the council and lore masters alike, but no recovery has been claimed. I too shall begin a search for it and relay any clues as to it's location as I come across them. This wold indeed, be a wonderful find and quite a prize.


Divayth Fyr: 10/10/02

Operation of the Dwemer constructs isnt too hard to figure out actually. Yagrum here builds them out of pure fun, and many folk across the continent with the mechanical know-how have even succeeded at building these creations. Given they have the correct materials, they are quite simple. An old theory that they used a combination of steam power and magicka was questioned when a fellow in southern Morrowind built one successfully without an understanding of the magical arts. The Dwemer used a power source of which is long lost to our knowlege and you can still find a many of these power containers around. They go for a pretty drake. As for the fellow in the south, he was able to concoct a power source out of various ingredients, including an elixir, from which he would not reveal the specifics. I imagine it came from an illegal market and was not cheap in the slightest bit. His creations resemble the Dwemer constructs given he uses spare parts from them. He is quite an open fellow regarding them, and seeks to market them in some manner. Now, these being powered by a fluid source, can only mean that they will cease to operate once the drain this fuel or power. Clearly, not what the Dwemer used.

Now, my idea for the Dwemer power source would still lean towards a combination of magicka and steam. Not all magicka was ignored by the Dwemer. It was simply not a widely used and taught art. If there were some way of knowing what exactly was in the containers that still lie about, I might be able to decipher such a thing and solve this riddle. Quite simply though, it is unlikely. Yagrum would know, but alas, he has lost much of his sanity and mind to the sickness. Perhaps one day, it will come back to him.


Yagrum Bagarn: 10/11/02

It makes me happy to see that so many are devoted to unlocking the truth of the Dwemer! I was quite intrigued to pay a visit to this gathering of minds once Master Fyr informed me of such an event. I have read through the gathered notes in hopes that something would possiblt spark a glint of my long lost knowlege. Some seems quite possible, but none can bring forth my past memory.

I can, however, delve on the topic of the constructs. Given I have the right parts, I can create and repair several different variations. Master Fyr thinks it may aid me in my sickness to keep my mind on something that I know and appreciate doing. The idea of these canisters powering the constructs is quite true. The contents of the canisters still blanks in my mind however. How I long to remember! Powering my personal constructs, Master Fyr has concocted a fluid to fill the canisters. The fluid may only last up to a few days, depending on the construct and their consumption. I am quite sure this is not what these canisters held at one time though. The idea of spirits of the Dwemer filling these canisters is somewhat appauling. That rings out necromancy of sorts and we Dwemer were all too uncaring for that art. I also find it difficult believing that this Heart could power such devices. It is not impossible, but I do not think Kagrenac's Plan involved the constructs, given the Dwemer had constructs long before the Heart was taken in.

There must be a fuel source, given the use of steam, perhaps accompanied by some sort of lasting enchantment. For the life of me, if I could only recall! It would be ever so helpful knowing. I would no longer have to have Uupse refilling my machina centurion chair.

I shall return again to see how this progresses. I must return to my quarters to have some of my sores tended to. This blasted sickness is for the Daedra!


Divayth Fyr: 10/17/02

My studies and researches have delved even deeper into the dwemer disappearance. I believe I have come up with some staggering evidence that proves many of our theories wrong. Thinking more about the ghostly Dwemer spectres that still walk this plane, and constructs that remain operable after all these years, I have opened myself to more possibilities. Many of which are quite grand and may be conclusive. In proving my theroies, I shall have to take council with the prophesized Nerevarine and research the Tools of Kagrenac even further. I believe that Sotha Sil may hold the secret to their disappearance since he was able to study the Tools. If I were to pry into them, I may be able to unlock what I believe to be the "Truth". This may be the very reason why Sotha Sil has chosen isolation. What he knows may present a great danger. Of course, getting answers from the Heart is quite impossible at this point, since it is believed that the Nerevarine has sent it to an outer plane, or perhaps destroyed it altogether.

My theory has been relayed to the council, where they are in total agreement that this should be looked into deeper.

My friends, these are rich times we are living! The truth is just around the corner.


Divayth Fyr: 10/18/02

I have in my possession, the Tools of Kagrenac. My Tower has been teleported to the Outer Planes so I may be quite secluded and without interuption. So far, my findings are quite acedemic. The enchantments surrounding these devices are quite simple and easily conjured. I do not believe the enchantments alone to be the key I am looking for. It appears that any mortal man can weild such devices, given he knows the order of use.

There is something very peculiar here. I just can not put my finger on it. Under all the enchantments, they simply appear to be Dwemer devices of ornate design. Nothing new as a matter of fact. There must be more behind this. Perhaps the Heart played an even larger part than I have imagined. Kagrenac was quite the genius with invention and ambition, but the Tools just do not match up with many theories. How could these simple, enchanted Tools be used against the Heart and vanish an entire race? I am afraid there is more than meets the eye.


Sotha Sil: 10/19/02

Friend Divayth, it is too long since we have spoken. And it is too often recently I have seen your words.

You toy with the minds of these curious mortals. The Tools of Kagrenac in your possession? I think not. Were you to have them, I would fear for your life. They are not tools for mortals, Fyr, as you well know.

And what of your own mortality? How does that stand? If you live longer than a god, are you any less sublime? There has always been something different in you, though, I think. I believe you find a certain joy in your own mortality, thin stretched though it may be. It is a good quality in you.

Your curiosity is troublesome. You are a wizard, a scholar, a delver into pasts and futures. This I understand, as I have been all these things and more.

Curiosity is an odd thing. It is a bright path surrounded by brambles.

You are an interesting creature, my friend, and I would not wish you ill. I implore you take greater care with your words. The mortal mind is easily fractured by the divine.

For now, I will watch you entertain yourself as you toy with so much talk of the How and the Where. These are the questions most easily answered, but they will be the least satisfying.


Yagrum Bagarn: 10/23/02

I do not feel that it was Master Sil's intention to harm Master Fyr (fear). My belief is that he indeed wished only to remind Master Fyr of the dangers involved in such research, given that Master Sotha knows a considerable amount more of these Tools and the Heart. Although Master Fyr journeyed to the Outer Realms, it is unlikely that the Heart has also ventured there. I do not think Master Sotha stubborn enough to attempt such a folly act as to weild these Tools upon the Heart even if it were there. Remember, he is a gatherer of information, not a pioneer to physical discovery.

In my heart and soul, I know Master Fyr to be quite unscathed and well being. He is far too wise to try anything absurd or to even be harmed by petty obstacles in the way of his research. Azura forbid something comes in the way of Master Divayth's work. May Dagon have mercy on your lost soul.

I shall keep you all posted of Master Divayth's disappearance. Worry not though, for he is more of a man than any mortal can wish to be.


Yagrum Bagarn: 10/25/02

AH, please, do excuse my wording. I still recall little of the Dwemer ways. I can only take Master Fyr's word for most of the Dwemer culture. This blasted corprus has drained me of much of my physical and my mental abilities. Memory is but a distant realisation for me.

As in speaking of Azura, my memory of my beliefs fails me. I have adopted many of Master Divayth's thoughts and theories over time. I do not worship the Daedra, but I do recognise them. Master Divayth's worship in the Daedra is quite unclear to me. I do not believe him to worship them but he realises their uses. On many occasion, Master Divayth may summon forth a Dremora Lord to to his bidding. Many times as his watch dogs or even protection. I have personally never been witness to Azura's presence, but Master Divayth assures me she is indeed existent. I can only take his word for it.

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I only wish Master Divayth were here to better cover this subject. I am but a sickly Dwemer with a failing mind.


Yagrum Bagarn: 10/28/02

Master Divayth has returned!

Uupse informed me that he had strangely appeared sometime overnight and that he spoke nil a word before locking himself into his study. He appears quite weary from his journey she says and a strange paleness has stricken his skin. I do hope Master Fyr is well. I wish to speak with him soon, given he will take audience. I am quite happy that he has returned, but concern for him and wonderment fill me with fear.

Why did he take refuge in his study?

What could he have witnessed that drove him into his current state?

When and will he be ready to join us with his discovery?


Divayth Fyr: 11/04/02

Friends and collegues,

This is indeed a time of troubles. My recent discoveries have me pinned in a state of confusion. My dear friend Yagrum tells me he has told you of my journey. Though, I instructed him not to speak of my exploration, my extended stay left him quite alarmed, and he thought best to take council with you in search for help. Needless to say, I did find myself in a position to where I was unsable to return for some time, and any help in returning would have been appreciated. I appreciate Yagrum's disobedience and his care for me has been noted immensely.

I have been in deep thought and meditation for many days now. My comprehension of what I had witnessed is still quite out of reach. I do not know if I was witness to was a vision or reality. Paranoia and fear have stricken me and my meditations are still flooded with mind bending dreams. Or are they reality? Am I going mad?

I have been called forth to appear in front of the council for my "unlawful" research into the outer plane. Though, I am quite the rogue, according to the council, they still wish to maintain a balance in the magicka and research tiers. I understand their motives and attempt to comply whenever possible. This, many already know however. I am a member of the council, but not a loyal subject by their Laws and Ways.

Until I brief the council, I shall share my vision, as I believe it only to have been….

I was born unto the timeless land.

Witness to blood of past.

Time stood, towers still strong and new.

Alone I stood, of flesh and eye.

But, not alone. For my brothers too, stood.

I am merely a ghost, but the hate is still deep.

The Heart. The timeless shell. The living gear.

Their guardian? Their home? Their slave? Their tomb?

One holds the key. He will not tell. He can not tell.

Begone. For they have only just been born. The time is coming.

You shall be witness. Time is aligning with time.

The truth is known. The blood shall run again.

This vision is all I am willing to share at this point. What it means holds more meaning than imaginable, and I hold much fear. These words haunt my thoughts endlessly. What I actually witnessed with my eyes haunts my very soul. Please, bear with me and in time, this shall all be brought into more light.

I have been to the outer plane many times…. I do not recall this….


Divayth Fyr: 11/07/02

I have made sense of the vision. It WAS a vision indeead. During my travels to other planes, I meditate to pass the time. Travel between planes is quite disorienting and one who is not used to the action may succumb to a sensation of his body being ripped apart. Meditation eases the sensation. My journey back took longer than usual. The "vision", or what could also be considered a nightmare, strayed me from my original path. I was unable to abandon the vision as it held me physically and mentally. Once the vision had ceased, I found myself lying nude, in some brush just outside of Tel Vos. Weakened from this extraordinary incident, I was able to still find my way back to my stronghold, where I slept for days, to regain my strength.

In speaking with the council on the matter, they too believe it to be a mere vision. Not one that holds any meaning, but perhaps merely a sign that I have been straining myself too hard on the matter of the Dwemer. This is very possible, although it seems a bit more to me. Rest is indeed what I lack, and I believe I shall take leave of such journeys for some time to regain my self being.

Yagrum, on the other hand, seems to have regained much in the past. He still shows signs of corprus, but his memory seems to slowly be coming back from time to time. He spends quite a bit of time on his own now and wishes to remain alone. I am sure that glimpses of his past, coming freshly back to him, give him much to ponder over. I feel for my old friend. I only wish there was more I could do. A temper seems to rattle him every now and then and I have instructed my sister-wives to leave him be. In time, he will come to and understand what fate holds for him.

And interesting thing…. Yagrum confronted me after my arrival from the council, and wished to know if I still had the Tools in my possession. Upon hearing that the Hortator had taken leave and carried the items off with him, Yagrum seemed quite upset. What is going in that mind of my old friend's. I shall keep a close eye on him, for I worry about his well being.


Divayth Fyr: 11/08/02

Considering the Tools and the outer Planes, nothing was accomplished. Bearing many of Kagrenac's journals and the correct materials, I was able to build exact replicas that worked exactly like the originals. The Tools are not the key whatsoever. This leads me to believe that the Heart was the major ingredient in this case. No doubt, the Tools acted as a sort of "tuning fork and dial" for the Heart. But tuning to what and dialing to what?

My thoughts carry more on the idea of whether the Heart was actually living. Or does Lorkhan speak through this heart? Or, is it simply a powerful gem of sorts? Is the Power simply leeched? Is a deal struck with the "mind" of the Heart for the Power? Does the owner (Lorkhan) of the heart grant the Power? Is it possible that the Tools are simply used to "awaken" the Heart?

Alas, I must rest once again.


And this is where the story of Sotha Sil's last words end. There where more pages to the thread that were not archived but it is unknown if Divayth Fyr ever returned. The last archived page ended on 12/16/02 more than a month after Fyr's last post. Finally you may be wondering where the other posts came from that ended up being archived?

One post was actually a part of a different thread titled "The Psijic Order, the Altmer, and Lorkhan: A Letter from a Forum Scholar" This thread was another RP where Sermon Zero was originally dropped by Jobasha.(But that is a Lost Lore story for another day).

The second one was a part of another thread called "The Psijic Endeavor".

The last one, posted below, is currently unknown where it originated. It may have been part of the "Dwem a little Dwemer of me…" thread or another thread all together. If you happen to know where this last one came from or have the rest of the thread please PM me.


Divayth Fyr: ??.??.??

Just a note on Sotha Sil my friends….

That was not the entire City. No indeed. It was Master Sil's main hall within his hidden city of Clockwork madness. Just as, outside of the pearly gates in Mournhold, exists a crawling area of numerous homes, citizens, and vendors. Sotha Sil is quite expanse and houses many more inhabitants. I have seen them in person, and my, what a sight! In the case of the Nerevarine, I hear tale that when he was teleported in by Almalexia, the machina lift door behind him was caved in. For whatever reason (did Almalexia do it or did Sotha Sil?), this barred him from venturing further. Where the Nerevarine actually was, is Sotha Sil's workshop/lair.

Think about it though…. if this were a city, who could possibly call this place home? More intelligent fabricant type inventions? I dare not tell, although I have seen it with mine own eyes. Perhaps one day, the location will be openly known, and visitors can venture forth into the Clockwork City entire.


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