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Making Skyrim Faster, Cartoony, and “being the follower”

Content of the article: "Making Skyrim Faster, Cartoony, and “being the follower”"

Hey skyrimmods,

I'm doing a clean install of Skyrim SE, and am trying to tune the game in a few specific ways. I'm hoping to get some input and avice for mods I should (or should not) consider.

Gameplay & "Feel":

A lot of little things about Skyrim just don't feel good to me. Movement, jumping, aiming at things in third person… switching from first and third person… so on, it all feels floaty, clunky, and unresponsive. I am sure part of that is my hardware and lower FPS (~30-40 with ENB), but I also know Skyrim's general design is also at fault.

3rd Person Camera/Aim

The Cursor in third person does not reflect what is actually "targeted" by the game, the cursor can be on one item on a counter and I'll be getting information for another item that's nearby. I can't explain how much frustration this brings to me, even if it's a really small thing. This might be unrelated, and a result of other (incorrectly?) installed mods, but often times my character will randomly be looking off in a totally different direction (usually down) from where the cursor/camera is aimed. Is there a mod that fixes this?


There's some measure of acceleration when a player goes from stationary to moving, and there's also lots of transitional periods between actions where other actions can't be performed. Some of this is tied to how animations work in the game and others–I'm pretty sure–are tied to how actions, etc are coded. Speeding up and minimizing these things as much as possible would result in a better experience for me, I think. Even if it's less immersive or more jerky/gamey, I'd prefer that. Animation mods that better match this kind of gameplay would be appreciated.

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Are there any mods out there that make stealth gameplay more interesting? More like a game built around it?


Somewhat related to the previous point, the game just feels slow. Are there any options to speed up everything, or most things (exclude speech/sound, for example) by something like 10%? There are times when I want to slow down and enjoy the scenic route but most of the time I Gotta Go Fast


Are there any options for making dialogue more responsive to "skipping" and ending conversations? It often feels like the game is hanging up when leaving a conversation or skipping a skippable piece of dialogue.

Look & Aesthetics:

I really like what Immersion ENB( does to the game, in general. Given my frustration with the game's "responsiveness" as mentioned above, I'm not sure an ENB is actually worth the performance hit. I also have personally had some gripes with how certain things look using this perticular ENB, a lot of distant things are washed-out and look black and white, but mostly white with outlines? It's kinda weird and an eyesore.

Cartoon/Cell-Shaded look

Are there any less demanding ways to give Skyrim this look? I'd prefer this or a more 'sytlized' and simple aesthetic than the general photorealistic vibe most mods go for. I'm even partial to the oversimplified, more performance-friendly options if you would recommend a specific one of those. My main concern is that things added by mods, etc, probably will not fit that look without an ENB or filter.


I want characters, in particular, to look different from each other. The races should have different builds, individuals should have varying shapes and sizes, too. More variance in cookie-cutter NPCs like guards and bandits, etc, would be nice too.

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More dynamic light/shadows would be great. Also, more cool glowing fantasy stuff would be a plus.


In pursuit of the cartoony look mentioned above, I'm not too worried about detail or higher-resolution textures. I'd prefer softer things with higher contrast that would play well with a filter/ENB that's making things look cartoony.


"I wanna be the Follower!"

I am aware of some of the (older) follower mods like Vilja, where the player is able to follow the NPC on tasks they are interested in. I like the idea, and would be interested in quality content like that. I want to be supporting and protecting another character rather than being a muder hobo with a harem following them around.

Supporting from behind the scenes:

Are there any mods that would allow followers to be taking the lead through dungeons? Where I could follow behind them with ranged weapons and sneak attacks, or healing/supportive magic?

Game World:

I want to feel like the game is happening around me, and like things change without me.


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