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Map of Tamriel 1E 355 – 1E 358: Rise of the Direnni

Map of Tamriel 1E 355 – 1E 358

Greetings again ^^ This map shows the political landscape of Tamriel in the short time period of 1E 355 – 1E 358, the rise of the Direnni. In comparison to my last map you can see that there is no known change on the Tamriel map in that timeframe besides in High Rock, so there is ot much to explain this time ^^ I still hope you like it.

(Little side-info before i start: The Citys on the map are not in correlation with the shown timeframe on my map. They are part of my map template and for the sake of orientation and the fact that i would need to look up the history of every city on Tamriel otherwise, i will show the modern day citys of Tamriel map. Apart from that i will only explain the countries that were part of significant events or territorial anomalys in the given timeframe of my map. Otherwise i would have to explain the same things about the same coutries on every map i create. With this i exclude repetition.)

Direnni Hegemony: The Direnni became the leading political force in High Rock in 1E 355, "…through political maneuvering and questionable machinations" – Daggerfall Chronicles. Note that the Direnni already were the cultural and religious hegemony before they took over politically. Because of that the Term Direnni Hegemony could be misleading, yet i will use as it is the official term for Direnni ruled High Rock in that time. The main problem in mapping it was locating the exact position the Direnni took over. With the help of my friend u/Atharaon (and with help i mean he explained everything to me), i was able to map the region. The Direnni began to drive the Nords out of High Rock. It would be more logical for them to attack the north-eastern portions of High Rock first, to diminish most of the nordic influence. Therefore i marked the borderlands there in both colors, since there was most likely a military conflict going on there. The Direnni already famously ruled with breton puppet nobles, and implemented humans in their politics while still having most of the power themselves.

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Nordic Empire: The Nords took over coastal High Rock in the Skyrim conquests in 1E 240. Here is another problem. We know they came from the north, but we don´t know the exact coastline they took over. We know they ruled the west coast, but we have no information on the northern coast and the Illiac Bay. It is doubtfull they had lands in the Illiac bay, as we lack places with nordic names or origin there, which are ubiquitous in western High Rock. Apart from that it is doubtfull that the Direnni would have had enough power to achieve their Hegemony without controlling the Illiac Bay. The northernmost parts of High Rock, in rivenspire, were also most likely part of the Direnni and not the Nordic Empire. The region is too mountainous to be colonized coastly and we know of significant Ayleid Ruins in that region, which also implies that the Direnni ruled in northern High Rock, not the Nords. From now on the Direnni conquere back more and more lands in the west. This is the beginning of the Fall of the Nordic Empire.

The other countries had no known changes in their political landscape in that time period. If you have questions about them please ask. Otherwise you an look at my older maps.

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That´s it already ^^ Questions and criticism is always appreciated!


The Daggerfall Chronicles


TES II: Daggerfall

Timeline of Tamriels History


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