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Map of Tamriel 1E 480 – 1E 482: Invasion of High Rock

Map of Tamriel 1E 480 – 1E 482

Good day again 🙂 This map features the timespan of the alessian Invasion in High Rock. It didn´t change much in comparison to the last map, so this post will be a lot shorter than normally! I still hope you enjoy it!

(Note: Cities on my map do not correlate with cities in the given timeframe. I only explain political/territorial changes we know of. This is a series of maps aiming to map every territorial change in Tamriels History, I aim to exclude repetition and do not explain the same things too often. If you want to know the historical background to this map, this link will lead you to my last map. Enjoy :D)

Direnni Hegemony & Alessian Empire: The Alessian Empire conquered all of Craglorn in 1E 479, finally reaching the land of High Rock in 1E 480. Given it´s geographical position, the Alessians most likely conquered High Rock from the Reach on onwards, where moder day Evermore is located. The imperials swept through most of High Rock in these years, invading most if not all of High Rock between southern Glenumbra and the Reach. The full extend of that will be shown on my next map.

Direnni Hegemony & Skyrim: If the Hegemony really anexxed or occupied parts of Skyrim beyod the Reach, i would argue that they retreated from it no later than the timeframe of this map. The Direnni needed all of it´s troops to fight in the war against the alessians, they wouldn´t waste manpower to hold onto lands beyond the Reach i belive. Furthermore, we know that Skyrim and the Direnni fought together against the alessians in the Battle of Glenumbra/Glenumbria Moors, indicating that these two states reconciled to some extend. Maybe Skyrim offered it´s help in return of some of it´s lands? Or maybe Skyrim helped out of fear towards the alessians and the Direnni gave them back their lands as a gift.

That´s it already! as in my last map, i listed all of the territorial anomalys, independent states of Tamriel with their rulers and my sources furtherm down if you are interested. Feel free to ask questions or to criticize something if you want! The next post will be far bigger!

Terrtitorial anomalys:

– Alessian Empire conquering Craglorn and parts of High Rock from the Direnni Hegemony

– Alessian Empire ruling over southern Skyrim

– Direnni Hegemony (most likely) giving back parts of western Skyrim.

– 16 Kingdoms of Elsweyr ruling over Arenthia

List of (semi) Sovereign States at the Time with Rulers:

– Kingdom of Alinor/Summerset Isles: King of Alinor

– Kingdom of Valenwood: King of the Camoran Dynasty

– 16 Kingdoms of Elsweyr: Moon Emperor

– Various Black Marsh Tribes

– Alessian Empire: Emperor Gorieus

– Kingdoms of the Colovian Estates:Kings of the City States

– Resdayn: First Council of Resdayn, Indoril Nerevar and Dumac Dwarfking

– Kingdom of Skyrim: High King/High Chieftain Hoag Merkiller

– Various Dwemer city-states in Skyrim

– Direnni Hegemony: Ryain Direnni

– Rourken-Clan City States

– Altmeri City-States near Hegathe

– Nedic Kingdoms in Hammerfell

– Orc strongholds in Hammerfell

Sources and usage of them:

"A Life of Strife and Struggle" (war between Skyrim & Direnni + Direnni & Alessians, Fall of Craglorn,
invasion of High Rock)

"Once" (Borders of Direnni Hegemony)

"Rislav the Righteous" (Colovian Estates, Alessian war with Skyrim, infos over most tamrielic rulers)

– "Daggerfall Chronicles" (Various political overviews, timeline of tamriels history)

Timeline of the first Era (Imperial Library) (for a general overview, secondary source)

Timeline of the First Era (UESP) (For general overview, secondary source)


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