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Maybe you haven’t noticed, but the world of The Elder Scrolls is actually… dying since Morrowind!

Hello there. I just came to an interesting thought. A thing we never noticed, never really talked about before.

You see, after every The Elder Scrolls game we are considered to be a hero. Everyone's praising us for saving the world – indeed, we tried. But the thing is… The moment of salvation is just a moment, but the events after it are globally bad.

I decided to see what influence Nerevarine, Champion of Cyrodiil and The Last Dragonbord made to the troubles which occurred in Tamriel in the Fourth Era.


Saved the world from corprus, put an end to the "false gods" of Tribunal.

I write "false gods" sarcastically, because they're not really false: even though they became unstable in the end of The Third Era (which led to their destruction) and their origin is disputable, they were a symbol of stability, prosperity and hope for every Dunmer. You may consider TESO good or bad, but I experienced by myself how generous ALMSIVI are in this game. And just imagine how hard it was for a typical Dark Elf to get known that two of their race's beloved gods are dead and one is forever disappeared. No stability, no prosperity, no hope.

And these fears are true. After Vivec's disappearance, Baar Dau, the moonlet he stopped (and maybe even was stopping during all his life) turned unstable. There were some attempts to stop the inevitable, but… Hello, Red Year. Hello, Dunmers who lost their home. Hello, Fallout in The Elder Scrolls series.

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As you can see, Nerevarine may have saved the day… But even this hero didn't know what's coming in the following years.

Champion of Cyrodiil

Even though the consequences of this hero's actions are very large, their direct result is quite simple. Uriel Septim VI is dead, Martin Septim is dead, the dynasty of Dragonborn Emperors is gone. Champion? Having fun as the new Sheogorath.

Of course, it led to a new political crisis, made Altmers create the Third Aldmeri Dominion who spread their influence across all the Tamriel. Not like I'm a racist, but it's better be merchants and politics who run the world, not golden and high people who think that their physical appearance makes them better than everyone else and who want to avenge their failures to human races during the Third Era!

The Blades became completely useless and were almost completely destroyed in the Great War. Ah yes, the Great War… Should anything else be said?

Should. Anything. Else. Be. Said?

The Last Dragonborn

This is a thing of discussion. Bethesda Game Studios is like my favorite rock band: releases something with a three or four years span. I hope we're going to see TES VI after two not very successful Fallout games and the upcoming space opera, but now let's just imagine.

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So, what do we see in the end of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Dragons. DRAGONS. Everywhere. Even though they are led by Paarthurnax now (f<3k you, Delphine!), they are still dragons who can burn your city and eat you and your family. It is unknown if The Last Dovahkiin dealt with all of them, but I doubt that this hero was more successful than Jiub. Dovahkiin have more interesting things to do…

Like participating in the Civil War, for example. However, in any result, Skyrim will lose. If Stormcloaks win, Thalmor will have more "rights" in front of the (remains of the) Empire to interfere this province and take it under their full control. If Empire wins, well, Nords will have to live in a full hypocrisy to stay alive under Thalmor's particular control. In any case, Thalmor's influence will seemingly expand to the east of Skyrim.

As you can see, not too many good things are going to happen.


Not too many good things are going to happen at all if The Elder Scrolls won't suddenly foretell that at least some "Tower" should stay at it's place and not fall. Since Morrowind, every game's ending is pretty bittersweet: you saved the race but killed their help and hope, you saved the Empire from Oblivion to let it fall by itself, you killed the "big bosses" to wonder what the smaller ones are going to do.

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In my opinion, it's nor good neither bad if Bethesda will decide to make us a true hero whose actions have no backside and unpredicted consequences. Some "global cliffhanger" we've seen Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim is something that makes The Elder Scrolls series alive. Tamriel, the whole Nirn will never be destroyed completely since there are heroes who save the day and simple people who save the eternity.

For now, I wish if Bethesda released at least some new pieces of lore before The Elder Scrolls VI. It's too interesting to know what happened next. Way too interesting.


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