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Messed with one of those INI settings that every online source seems to advise against and somehow fixed all of my issues???

Content of the article: "Messed with one of those INI settings that every online source seems to advise against and somehow fixed all of my issues???"

I'm sort of confused, so I'm just wondering if anyone can clarify how this setting works and how it happened to fix my problems. So, I am suuuper new to modding SSE. I probably only understand like 25% of what I'm doing, and aside from using Wryebash for a bashed patch I don't really know anything at all about conflict resolution etc. etc. like, the other day I fixed some terrain issue that was happening with Bearclaw Lodge in xEdit and felt like a genius because it's the only time I've successfully fixed a mod conflict without following a step by step guide. So I've just been adding mod after mod after mod with the knowledge that any mod I add could be the one that breaks everything, and just trying to keep backups in case because I don't know how to fix it when it happens. And while I miraculously haven't really been having any major issues with the mods that I can tell (as in, I haven't really seen any crashing or anything like that), I've been having weird issues with the terrain. Like first the grass wasn't loading, and then world textures weren't loading, so it was freezing while my character was running etc. etc. and just lagging out whenever my character was outside in the world. And I've honestly been trying to figure this out for a couple of weeks now. I've been scouring online resources and tweaking BethINI, changing my Nvidia settings and modifying my page file, changing the spawn number for all my NPC/bandit mods to the lowest options, and just basically trying to figure out what's going on and getting absolutely nowhere and having the same issue regardless of whether I use BethINI Poor Preset or Ultra Preset or go back to the default INI. I was changing a lot of the settings aforementioned because I thought it was some kind of memory issue, but now I'm not so sure.

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And in the past week or so I've been trying out all those "weird INI tweaks that fixed Skyrim for me" on forums all over the internet, and usually they do absolutely nothing to fix my issue. And then I found one about changing the uGrids, in some weird forum post from 2012, and all the comments were like "Not a good idea etc. etc." and I was like "Well, I'm an idiot and my game is laggy anyway so I might as well try this and start a new game and see what happens and if it doesn't work I just conclude that I'm too dumb to mod and there's probably a mod conflict issue or something." And so I changed the uGrids from 5 to 7 and uExteriorCellBuffer from 36 to 64 which is what the post in the forum listed and started a new game and……it literally fixed all of my problems. I don't lag at all, I can run the game at the Ultra preset with no issues, the grass loads, the snow doesn't look weird, and there was this one specific spot near Kynesgrove where I always froze and now I don't even lag in that area. I spent like 2 hours running all across the map to make sure I wasn't having some weird placebo effect and for some reason changing this setting just…worked? Is there a reason for this? Like, I feel like it's a trap or a trick or something and everything is going to stop working randomly because BethINI was like "the uGrids are NOT at the recommended number! Do u want to proceed?!" And I was like "?!?!?!?!" The question is, what does this setting even do and how did it fix all my problems?

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I don't know if you guys need my mod list/plugin list for reference but just in case they're here.


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