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Missing Textures in AHO Legendary Edition.

Content of the article: "Missing Textures in AHO Legendary Edition."

TLDR what tools do I need to fix textures/meshes my self? Just CK?

I have been experiencing missing textures in Legendary Edition version of AHO. Large mudcrabs are invisible other than the fungus growing on their backs and the Ancient Dwemer Sword textures are broken and double broken in first person. In third person the blade part is bright white like a lazer sword type thing and the dwemer metal part is fine. In first person the blade edge (which I think is meant to look like glass weapon colour) is still lazer sword white but the center part of the blade which is dwemer metal is invisible. Now I could live with the glowing white blade edge to be honest because it looks cool and I could head canon it as crazy dwemer tech (given the premise of the mod anyway) but the invisible hilt/center of blade in first person is a real bummer.

Now I know I have tonnes of mods and it is clearly a compatibility issue with something somewhere that also touches dwemer assets. The thing is when I me whole load order through tesedit and do apply filter for conflicts and then look at the conflicts Dwarfsphere.esp has, the only one I can see is conflicts with Ebongroves world space (which in game effect seems to be fine.. like both mods are there and walking around the world space doesnt CTD.)

Is it possible for a world space edit to cause a weapon texture bug? Or is it maybe because I have retextured like everything with paralax textures for ENB and the sword model uses base vanilla textures that are 'replaced' with now paralax textures and the sword model doesnt know how to read them?

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I have read people have had CTD issues with this item. (I havent) So I am also considering something is not great about the way it was put together. In any case, is it the Creation Kit I should get (and learn) to make edits to textures/models like that?

For the mudcrabs I read that is was a clash with SkyTEST and downloaded a patch for it, but to no effect. Smaller mudcrabs are fine and I can feed them etc but larger ones move about invisible (other than the fungus). They take up physical space so i cant run through them so, its not like they are completely screwed. Again the only conflicts I see in TESEDIT for Dwarfsphere.esp with my whole load order is worldspace stuff with ebongrove and 3DNPC (interesting NPCs) which I have like.. as a base that gets overwritten by everything that it conflicts with in both my ESP and BSA load orders. Because I like the extra NPCs but screw not having cool dungeons/houses. In anycase. Why would worldspace conflicts make a sword and a mud crab go funny.

Anyway, if anyone could guide me to some neat guides on CK and any other mod creation tools I would need to make/fix meshes and textures (hey maybe I can learn what a nav mesh is properly and learn how to fix them in those old/scrub mods with good ideas but very messy edits). Maybe even world space edits so I can 'blend' some mods together better. Also, would it be more effecient in a modded market place for example/town, to group items together into one item for one shadowmap? Some mods I have tried add very nice extentions to a town or something but it all loads up in little pieces I notice and is very very framey. But other location mods do not have this effect. Some of them are almost unplayable it is so framey. But at the same time their visual design is very pretty and I would very much like it if I could find a way to use some of them in my load order with out regretting it when I run past.

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That was a bit of a tangent sorry, but yeah weird missing textures that I cant explain (at my scrub user level) using the usual ways to detect these kinda things. Using Mod Organizer so I mean, everything is moveable and the save I am using is literally a BETA save for finding all these small issues I wanna iron out. Ideally get through some big major quests and hit level 50+ ish to see how much more stuff is broke (I have about 160 active ESPs atm)

Title should have (and a bunch of other things too) stuck onto the end xD


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