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(Mo2 Skyrim SE) Have some files in my Overwrite Folder and I don’t know what to do with them

As the title says, after building bashed and merged patches, updating fnis and running ALLGUD scripts, I find a few directories in my overwrite folders. Now, I read that with the FNIS' Ones you simply have to "Create a mod" and put them into it, and I did it and it works smoothly. Question is, what do I do with these? Do i put them all into the same mod? do i create differend mods for the different directories? Or do i just simply let them stay there?

Overwrite folder is as follows:

There is one big "SKSE" file folder which contains another file folder, "Plugins"
Inside Plugins there are 4 other File folders named somewhat like mods i have installed, "CampfireData", "FISS" (which should be the mod FileAccess Interface for Skyrim SE Scripts), "Frostfall Data" and "CharGen" (this one merely contains a file folder named preset with the name of my character, therefore i suppose it's just the preset i created in the Racemenu when playing the game).

"CampfireData" and "FrostfallData" both contain .json files. In "CampfireData" there are 2 files, "common.json" and "profiles.json". In "FrostfallData" there are 3 files, "Armor_default_values", "armor_profle_1" and "profile1" (all these files are .json files).

In "FISS" there is an .xml file named "ObsidianWeathersMCM" (which is related to the MCM Menu of the Obsidian Weathers Mod that I have installed, duh!)

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There are 2 more files in the "Plugins" folder, "SkyrimUncapper.ini" and "SmoothCam.json" – Again, i kinda get Why they are there, but I am not sure what to do with them (If I have to do something).

If my modlist is needed I'll post it immediately, but somehow i'm not sure this has nothing to do with the mods i have installed so for the moment i leave it out in order not to make this post too long.

Thanks for your patience, happy modding!


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