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Mod Announcement! – Esroniet: Domain of Lost Unity

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Hello everyone. I am happy to announce the first huge Esroniet recruitment showcase. We are a very small team of about 10-15 people currently in pre-production, and are hoping yet to expand our member count. Interested? Here's a premise to learn more of us:

Have you heard the tales? Of those who can turn memory to reality?

A rumor, one might say to be certain, though parts of the ancient walls in Black Harbor are intact. Such rumors are not known to spread around Tamriel. But once you sail past the Qitarite isles of Cathnoquey, and scour the great lanes of Yneslea, you'll come to a halt within the jewel of the Padomaic.


The Spice Isles are…so self inclusive yet clouded in its diversity. From the trade capital of Black Harbor to the exquisite temple city of Iirel, you'll meet the Esri. What with their endless fields of spice and bold sarak'te lamps that light even the night sky, yet a tragic tale wrapped in mystique. Gosh, are they unique.

We can talk more of this later. For now let's attend to the matter at hand. Some Esri favour themselves to be Iso..rationists? Isorationists? Oh fie- an error at hand. The Isolationists, yes. Alien to us Tamriellics, though we all said the same thing when Reman brought the forgotten Tsaeci down.

The Isolationists favour themselves in the art of memory. That may sound daft to you, yet what if I told you Nirn works in daft ways; Illusion magic. Destruction. Alteration. Conjuration. Restoration? What if I told you that these Esri are skilled in all these fields of magic? Yes, the word must be fields.

Back on topic, how do they control memory? Of that, I do not know. But memory flows like a rushing wave. It comes, runs, and fades like an atronach. I have seen whole buildings collapse, then be restored with a fireball(yes, a fireball of all things) in the blink of an eye. As if the building never collapsed, that your mind played tricks on you, that the Isolationists warped your mind. In fact I feel my entire spice isle visit was a mind warp. Intriguing.

The Esri have told me the same story thousands of times, that us Tamriellics will never understand, but there must be more to discover. We must learn more of the memory benders.

Excerpts from Nirn's Greatest Mysteries, a guide to the wonders of our world, by scholar and historian Petruva Telassius

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The isles of Esroniet are fascinating. An archipelago that has hardly been touched upon by Bethesda, there has yet been any solid information regarding this setting. The Esroniet team was brought together to create a new land jam packed with stories that are both consistent with the lore and a breath of fresh air to the world.

Things could have stayed the same. But it was not meant to be. It has been an era since Uriel Septim V set foot in Esroniet, the final Padomaic isle. With his settling bringing cultural imbalance, the Esri locals see themselves as either Trader or Isolationist. One culture sees fit to accept trade with any and all regardless of whom they are, while the other separates themselves from this life altogether. Now- set in the far east of Nirn in the 4th era- the player will take a trip to the spice isles and find themselves thrown into a culture of radiant warmth, and seeping sadness. The domain is in political chaos, villages are burning, trade is at a standstill, and the choice of a new ruler to stop the imbalance is in your hands- whomever you choose, they better be worth it.

Wondering about our stylistic choices? To give you a headstart, here is a few of our art pieces.

As of right now we are interested in recruiting 2D artists and writers predominately, as well as 3D Artists and Level Designers. As our project will progress we will look out for Composers, Implementers and many more.

Considered joining? Please head over to our recruitment form and create an application!

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