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Look I'm gonna be honest I'm Clueless when it comes to Mods, but im trying. I just need some simple help in organising, if you want to offer up some more mod suggestion I would love to have them.

my current mod list may seem like a mess, but thats why I am here.

Unoficial Skyrim special editon patch {ussep}

RaceCompatibility for Skyrim

the forgotten city

Forgotten dungeons

The Atlantean Race- Powerful Warriors

Caliente’s beautiful Bodies Enhancer (CBBE SE)

Definitive Beauty Pack: Male

Skyrim Hair color- Xbox ONE

Apachii Sky Hair SSE main XB1

IA92bEpic Skin/war paint/lip

Perk point and more Gold for

50 pct More Perk Points

Verlin Novells Ultimate Elixir

Dynamic Dungeon Loot (DDL)

Stone of Barenziah Quest Marker

STAR: Triple Gold (A Superior

Aquality World MAP – Vivid wi

Graphic pack

Graphic pack – Assets 1

Graphic Pack – Asset 2

True storm Special edition

Obsidian Weather and Seasons

Enhanced Blood Textures

Dovahkiin Can Relax

Rich merchant of skyrim

GET seriously Overstocked and

Drake blood knight (XB1)

Daedric Armor and weapon Improvement

Stalhrim Paladin Armor

Zerofrost Mythical Armor 3: Valkyrie

Daedric Assassin Armor

Wear multiple rings

Skyrim SE Expanded Skyrim

Katana Crafting

Cloaks & Capes

Theif Tool Set

Bandolier: Bags and pouches

King port- Unique Dragonborn

Summermyst- Enchantments of Skyrim

Amulets of the nine Divines

Read:  Issues with vampire, unsure if it's Sacrosanct or if my game's just broken

Monsters Reborn: Special Edition

Diverse Dragons Collection XB1

Mundus – A standing Stone overhaul

Deadly Bosses of skyrim (deadly

Boss Encounters of skyrim

Fatality- combat and movement

Triumvirate- mage Archetypes

Thunderchild – Epic shouts and

Apocalypse- Ordinator compatibility

Apocalypse – Magic of skyrim

Ordinator- Perks of Skyrim

Violens-A Killmove Mod SE

I keep getting people telling me to use MOD2 or LOOT. I've watched countless youtube videos and I can't get them to run on this computer, that or im too simple minded to figure it out. Look if you got a free hour or a free 30 mins to sort these with me pleaser the love of Tamriel.


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