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Mod Discussion Mondays (Week 121) – Best Mods for Flight

Content of the article: "Mod Discussion Mondays (Week 121) – Best Mods for Flight"

Hello everyone! Welcome back to the "Best mods for…" weekly discussion!

If you don't know what the "Best mods for…" topics are you can find the original threads here. Last weeks discussion can be found here.

These discussions are intended to be ongoing for the full week, so make sure to contribute your own opinions and experiences at any time!

As always, the rules:


1) Be respectful – A lot of different mods get posted, as well as a lot of different opinions on said mods. Try to be respectful during the discussion.

2) Debate conflicts maturely – Nobody likes a Nazeem. If you're respectful to others, people will be respectful back. If you're disrespectful to others, people find interesting ways to kill you and post about it on r/skyrim.

3) Please keep the discussion relevant – Feel free to post mods that aren't directly related, but please try to keep all mods semi-related to the week's topic.

4) Please provide a link to the mod you're discussing – Even if you're discussing a popular mod, a link to the mod page is a massive help. People are more interested in the mod you're talking about and are more likely to look at it if there's a link.

Topic – Flight

"I am dovakin!"

"Then where are your wings?"


Let us unclip the wings of our dovakin, for this week, we fly!

Without further ado, here are my top picks for this week:

  • The Miracle of Flight – No dova? No FNIS? No problem! Magic carpets and dwemer flying machines, this is a great little spell pack for a mage to see the skies!
  • Real-Time Dragon Fast Travel – The Dragonborn DLC's dragon riding kind of sucked. Fortunately, this allows you to just kick back and enjoy the ride.
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But what are some of your favourite mods to soar the skies of Tamriel?


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