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MOD DROP MONDAY “DMT’s Morthal Kombat – Mortal Combat” playable Beta Released!

The beta release is finally here!

Presented by the "Friendly Alliance Modding Team"

 TEST YOUR FIGHT, against over 100 characters from the "Mortal Kombat" series in a tournament taking place in the Oblivion realm of "Outland" 

To get to Outland, make your way to "The Flawless Brewery" right by Morthal (hence the name "Morthal Kombat" get it?) Inside the brewery lies your first challenge. Face 3 of the daedric lord Sanguine's finest champions – Bo Rai' Cho, Kharon and One-Mo Night Kap.

Upon the fatality of the champions you will find on thier corpses a note:

"Bo Rai' Cho, Kharon and One-Mo Night Kap,

Okay guys here's the skinny, I'm sure you already know but let's go over this one last time because let's be honest we didn't fare too well last tournament…

So as you know the Morthal Kombat tournament approaches. It only comes around every 200 years. Shao Kahn is a self proclaimed emperor of his own plane of Oblivion called Outworld yadda yadda yadda… If we win his silly little tournament we are granted his forces to aid in combat against mortals.

We gotta win this time! Last time Mr Molag won and look at the crisis we had when he did! He had all the reinforcements he could ever use and EVERY SINGLE TAVERN WENT DRY BECAUSE OF IT!!!! I will not stand for it again! I can't have those hotheads drying up all the taverns in Tamriel again.

I need you 3 to prepare yourselves much better this time than last. I swear to ANU if you let Sithis highjack your boat and try and force entry into the tournament again Kharon you will drink nothing but grog for a year after I let you rematerialize! We lost before we even set foot on the bridge because you forgot to look for illegal stowaways! Sithis isn't allowed in this tournament so make sure she's not on the boat this time around!

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Now first up we'll have Jggy – Try not to get fus ro dumped off the side of the pit.

On to Peryite – Continuous poison gas clouds and invisible reptilian attackers, bring potions.

Then you face Crappicus Vile – Don't be tempted by the alure of treasure, I don't care how shiny it is!

Hircine – The disease riddled werewolf pack he will send out can be deadly, wearing a mask and social distancing won't do shit as you already can tell.

Vaermina keeps pushing the rules trying to say Ferra/Torr are one symbiotic being and I ain't buying it…

Malacath likes to ring his lair in spikes so watch out.

Azura has three of the best Battlemedics you will ever see.

Herme likes to use extremely advanced Dwemer tech

Remember last tourney? Boethia's champion Bi-Han and Molag's champion Scorpion were the final contenders and Scorpion ripped Bi-Han's spine out? Well I'm sure Boethia has a new champion lined up this time, but I would still bet on Sub-Zero temperatures coming from her realm again this time.

Molag's champion will most assuredly be returning… DO NOT LISTEN TO HIM WHEN HE SAYS "GET OVER HERE" I don't care how much moon sugar he promised you!

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Nocturnal will once again be asking you to fight in the dark… if only there was a shout that could clear dark fog, the same kind Alduin seems to enjoy using.

Namira has one champion that acts as many.

Mehrunes will summon his bloodthirsty queens but I've also heard whispers of a new demon named Belok rising quickly though dagon's ranks…

The webspinner never seems to spin a very elaborate web and will be using her insect champion that she swears by.

Sheogorath we don't even need to fret over, he gets disqualified every tourny because he can't count to 3. And every tourny gets told that he gets 3 champions total, he doesn't get 3 for each of his 3 personalities; Madness, Dimentia, Mania. Expect him to do the same thing again this tourney, I'm really starting to believe he's crazy although damn if he can't pair a good cheese and wine together!

Meridia….. will be one of the single toughest challenges of the tournament. If you can't kill her elder elemental god brothers than go after the blood god, he will be the weak link.

Shao Kahn himself has dozens of personal gaurds in each of his towers, whoop up on the Kahn so we Kahn paartay when you return!

Prepare yourselves, the fate of Tamriels taverns rests in your hands…

Your Lord and Debaucherer – Sanguine"

Dozens of custom made to look like thier counterpart characters, custom armors made just for this mod, custom weapons, challenging level design and environmental hazards on top of brutal Kombatants, dozens of new followers, places to explore and so much more.

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In order to bring about a higher quality mod I decided to recruit other mod makers to lend thier talents to this project. What started out as 1 guy with a pun turned into 7 people from all around the world working together to make this mod a reality.

Currently this mod is only in the beta stage of release and some bugs may be present (I'm looking at you Kharon and Skarlet just standing there not attacking). Check it out anyways, it's fully playable in it's current state. Any and all feedback is appreciated.

Enjoy and endorse 🙂


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