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[MOD IDEA] Armor/Clothing/Ring Sizes

Content of the article: "[MOD IDEA] Armor/Clothing/Ring Sizes"

You've braved the depths of Bleak Falls Barrow, and after a tough fight with the Draugr Overlord, you finally step toward the chest to claim your reward. Inside, you find an awesome helmet that will give your armor rating a well-needed boost! How exciting! You hurriedly close the chest and open your inventory, eager to equip your newly found armor and…

It doesn't fit. It's a size too small.


This mod idea proposes a mod that adds an additional layer of difficulty and immersion to Skyrim: armor/clothing/ring sizes. This (presumably lightweight) mod would randomly assign a number to each piece of armor, piece of clothing, or ring, and this number acts as a size. If a particular article of clothing does not match the player character's pre-assigned foot, chest, hand, finger, or head size, the player will be unable to equip said article of clothing. It can be disappointing to be unable to wear that enchanted ring you found, and it can be annoying to see that the Pawned Prawn doesn't sell any clothing that's your size, but I think the added difficulty would spice things up and add another layer of unpredictability to the game. It would also place a higher value on items that were frequently found in abundance; now that relatively little of your loot can actually be usable, it's more exciting to come across items that are your size.

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Feature Ideas:

  • Unique items or artifacts will be exempt from this system, seeing that there are limited numbers of these particular items. They can be designated with a special number that is usable by characters of all shapes and sizes.
  • Followers can also be assigned a foot, chest, hand, finger, and head size, that way players will have the additional challenge of finding armor that can be worn by their trusty companions.
  • Before crafting an item at the forge, players are given the option to decide what size the item will be, that way they can be assured access to armor that fits. For added difficulty, larger sizes require slightly more materials to craft (i.e., one more piece of leather or another ingot).
  • The MCM menu offers an option that makes things less frustrating for players who don't have the patience to search for new equipment. If the player doesn't want to be barred from equipping certain pieces of armor/clothing/jewelry outright, the mod can be adjusted to where players will be allowed to wear armor that doesn't fit their character. However, wearing armor that doesn't fit only grants the player a fraction of the armor's benefits, such as armor rating and enchantments.
  • Does Warmaiden's not have your size in stock? Don't lose hope. Players can order custom items from vendors, but this requires a downpayment and a few days' wait. When the item is complete and ready to be picked up, the vendor will send a courier, who will deliver a letter that notifies the player that their order is finished. Or, if the player paid ahead of time, the courier can simply deliver their order to them. But for those who want their item delivered, be warned: there is always a chance that the courier can be robbed while making the delivery.
  • Did you find a ring that has an enchantment that you simply can't live without? There's hope here too. Taking the ring to jewelers like Madesi can give the player a chance at making the ring usable. Be warned, however: leaving the ring in the hands of a jeweler runs the risk of the ring being destroyed in the resizing process… and no refunds! Depending on the amount of gold that is paid, the chances of success vary. Obviously, the more handsomely the jeweler is paid, the less likely they are to accidentally destroy your ring.
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Feel free to do with this idea as you see fit. It's something that's been in my head for a while, and I thought it might sound like something somebody would want to make.


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