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Mod idea for unknown potions/enchanted gear?

Content of the article: "Mod idea for unknown potions/enchanted gear?"

Hello! This is my first time posting on reddit, please forgive me if I mess something up.

I have a mod idea that seems kinda neat, but I've been having a hard time finding anything like it. I'm down for trying to figure out how to make a mod like this, but I wonder if it's even possible, or if anyone has any tips to point me in the right direction to get started making it.

Rambling incoming:

The idea is that, by default, all enchanted weapons and armor (and maybe staves?) you find in a cave/dungeon will be "unknown" to the player. Beyond the fact that you can tell it's enchanted, you have no idea what it does. Instead of "Iron Sword of Embers" it would be called "Enchanted Iron Sword" and the description wouldn't say "Burns enemies for 5 points of fire damage.", it would say something like, "This item is enchanted and needs to be identified."

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You could still use it, and then probably notice that it appears to be setting enemies on fire when you hit them with it, but beyond that, you don't know. You would take it to a court/college wizard and ask them to identify it for you (or maybe use the enchanting table?). Once you reach a certain level of enchanting, you'd be able to identify gear yourself instantly as normal and won't need to go through all that. It just seemed odd to me that, for roleplaying purposes, my strict sword-bashing-anti-magic Nord warrior can instantly tell what an enchantment is on the items he finds, like there's a little notecard or instruction manual that comes with each one, haha.

The same idea could possibly apply to potions and poisons as well. If you're not a certain level alchemist, you wouldn't know exactly what they do. You could probably guess by the color/shape of the bottles, and you could still drink them if you wanted to (hoping it wouldn't be something bad) but if you want them to be named and identified, you'd have to take them to an alchemist and ask (or use the alchemy table somehow).

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Enchanted gear and potions that vendors sell will already be identified of course. This would just apply to the stuff you find out in the wilds.

Does something like that sound possible to make? Or, would it even be worth it to make? I realize it's more of a roleplaying quirk, and I could just pretend that I don't know what the enchantments are or what the potions do. The mechanic might just get annoying after a while too, I'm not sure, haha. What do you guys think? Thanks for reading!


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