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[Mod Idea/Request] Skyrim overhaul inspired by Dark Souls(cliche as hell but fuck it)

So some days ago i had an idea of an death overhaul mod that would enhance Skyrim gameplay, in fact I liked the idea so much i've written it so that i could'nt forget it, in hope i would make that mod someday. The thought about that mod came in my a lot in the past days so i tried to install creation kit and all. But as i should have expected from Bethesda i could'nt even download the Creation Kit cause the launcher crashes everytime i try to open it(i tried reinstalling it,running in compatibility mode and administrator but nothing helped)
So it seems i won't be able to make any progress with this mod so at least i may hope that someone read the features i've written in the past days and gets inspired just like i did to create this mod or something like it.
If there are any questions about the features bellow please add me on discord(Pesquisador Stefano#3129) cause i'm more active there.

(I've written these for my read only, and since english it's not my mother language it might be very confusing )
Here are the list of features this mod would add to the game:

1. Todd Howard steals Miyazaki's ideas to make Skyrim great again (if you do make this mod please name it this title XD)

This mod needs to change a lot of features to fully work so expect to be hindered in some way or another What this mod does is that it adds lots and lots of checkpoint locations through Skyrim, be it on general areas like the Major Cities or be it locked behind some bosses/enemies. These checkpoints are the only way to fast travel in the game other than through carriages, the prices of the carriages have been increased by the thousands to disincentivize fast travel. Plus when you die you spawn at one of those checkpoints and lose all of your battle echoes(see bellow) These checkpoints have no menu you just need to activate them and then when you die you'll spawn at the nearest one. A new mechanic will be added that will try to make death have an impact on your game-play and not be just a little setback. This mechanic will deactivate the levelling system in Skyrim, what do I mean by that: In the vanilla game you gain perk points by simply doing stuff, it doesn't matter what. So in order to change that i'll need to remove the vanilla perk point system as a whole, and to do that the solution that i found is to disable the exp you receive by increasing any skills. So how will you gain perk points then? Here's the catch, you wont Now every time you kill an enemy you'll gain battle echoes, and you'll need to accumulate a lot(enfasis on the "a lot") of them to be able to trade them for a perk point. Each time you get a perk point your level will increase(so that you can increase your health/stamina/magicka). You can trade battle echoes with a new NPC called shrine guardian he will protect the shrine against people with ill intent, he as well will give you a quest to create a new potion that can refill itself by trading echoes 😀 (condition on this quest being total potions used > 100) (killing him will deactivate the shrine forever, but you'll get echoes as a reward maybe?) (quest exp/discovery exp will give battle echoes now, not as much as killing enemies but enough to help)
Another thing that will be added is a type of durability to the checkpoint shrines, you can respawn 3 times total in a shrine, past that the shrine will immediately become deactivated, and to reactivate it you'll need to refill it with a grand soul gem(if it is rare) The player will acquire a new power which will allow him to create a temporary checkpoint shrine, this power will cost a grand soul gem per use and it will be destroyed if the player dies and respawns in it or takes 1 day to use it The new potion added by the mod is the healing gourd, it will function just like dark souls with only one change that being that you can't refill them on death, to refill them you'll need to trade battle echoes with the shrine guardian. The shrine guardian will also be able to increase the potency/amount of the gourd by trading echoes. The limit of the amount is something on the lines of 20 to 30 uses. You'll be able to see the amount of echoes you have in your powers tab(until i find a way to make a UI for it) MCM options will be limited, only options added will be to toggle between features, only with features which don't affect the overall vision of the mod author.


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