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Mod Idea – “The Dragonborn Comes” – Adds a Voiced Dovahkiin NPC running around Skyrim who slowly completes the Main Questline and Dragonborn while you play.

Content of the article: "Mod Idea – “The Dragonborn Comes” – Adds a Voiced Dovahkiin NPC running around Skyrim who slowly completes the Main Questline and Dragonborn while you play."

Perfect for {Alternate Start} (mod required as well) users who don't want to be the hero. "The Dragonborn Comes" adds a Dovahkiin NPC who runs around Skyrim slowly completing the Main Questline, and eventually Dragonborn. Fully voiced with male and female versions based on the "canon" Nord Dragonborn from the Skyrim trailers, but additional presets for other races could be available.


  • DB NPC explores Skyrim alone, completing the Main Quests in real time. Can be encountered in Riverwood, clearing Bleak Falls Barrow, fighting their first dragon, clearing random dungeons, meeting the Greybeards, and more.

  • Including the Dragonborn DLC, once the Main Quest has been completed by the DB. Players will be able to enter Apocrypha but will slowly go mad while within it.

  • DB NPC also has a chance to spawn during Dragon attacks on cities and has a chance to be encountered fighting Dragons in Word Wall locations. Funny interactions when Mirak steals dragon souls.

  • DB ventures between towns and then chooses random dungeons to explore in between main quest objectives.

  • DB NPC will venture to dungeons and locations containing Word Walls to learn Words of Power. Locations with quest baring the way to the Word Wall are omitted, frankly due to scope limitations.

  • Player can ask Innkeepers for the latest gossip about the DB, or the Dragon Crisis, they will direct the player to the DB's next location, the DB will be there when you get there.

  • Player can speak to and offer to join the Dovahkiin, allowing you to become a follower. The DB will not follow you however, they've got shit to do. DB can be made a follower after the MQ and Dragonborn have finished. The DB will comment on the main quest, some characters, locations, etc with some occasional (optional) meta jokes about Skyrim itself. No real developed character since the DB has no canon backstory.

  • The DB comes with options for each of the 10 default races, can be male or female, and can be one of 3 classes, Warrior, Mage or Archer. Each DB has their own {Signature Equipment} reflecting their race. Default is a Male Nord in the armor from the trailers.

  • VA for both Male snd Female DB has a fairly Neutral tone so the same lines are used for sll the races. Each race has a few different lines and jokes.

  • Compatibility with Familiar Faces lets you overwrite the DB with one of your past characters.

  • DB levels up in their classes respective skills as they clear dungeons, also gains shouts from the word walls on the way, but each race preset has it's "prefered" shout. Default preset is Unrelenting Force.

  • (Optional) Once the MQ and Dragonborn is complete the DB will buy one of the Hearthfires plots, marry a random NPC from that hold, and adopts a child. The DB then hangs about their house, occasionally exploring and hunting dragons in their retirement. Occasionally visits the Greybeards.

  • Player can potentially marry the DB.

  • Once the MQ is done, the DB can be seen riding Ohdaving to different locations. Players can join him if they are following him for Fast Travel. Potential patch for {Real-Time Dragon Fast Travel}.

  • Player starts the game 1 week before the attack on Helgen, and can participate in it to some degree. You'll be able to see Alduin emerge from the Time Wound, fly down to Helgen and raze the city. Potentially get to see the Dragonborn and Ulfric being captured at Darkwater Crossing, then escorted to Helgen. Can not enter Helgen during the execution, Imperials would have locked the town down due to Ulfric being there. Can follow the DB after he leaves the cave, choosing neither Hadvar or Raelof.

  • DB does not participate in the civil war.

  • All dialogue towards the player refering to them being Dragonborn, or witnessing Helgen is removed. Hadvar and Raelof won't recognize you at first.

  • (Optional) Meta features, DB does Skyrim player things. May occasionally find a merchant with no gold and hundreds of Iron Daggers, cheese wheel piles in cities and homes. Nazeem might fall from the sky after being Fus'ed, buckets on guards heads, etc.

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