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[MOD RELEASE] Enemy Magelock -Simple mod to commit NPC mages in place when Casting

While Playing skyrim especially in 1 vs many combat, the constant cheesing of the NPC mages towards me grew very tedious, the gameplay felt annoying and it was basically decided depending on whether I had better/more maxed out armor. I wasn't happy that the skill wasn't as rewarded as the grind. So I tried to do a simple change to the way NPC mages behave.

Enemy Magelock first gives new offhand casting animations and beahvior to the NPCs, this allows us to see when they begin to launch their cast and encourages us to time dodging or blocking, and evading these obstacles rather than just hide behind a tree or have to rely on Skytweaks to nerf NPC magic.

This Mechanic rewards Skill based Gameplay because it allows us a moment to react and decide what to do rather than just being completely defensive resorting to negative timid gameplay and a monotone combat experience.

Another is Commitment, They will no longer adamantly close down on you while they are in casting state. This was an ok Mechanic at first, but over time, it felt too cheesed especially when the enemies just spammed frost spells or firespells and you either have to find a tree but in an open area, you can't even close them down because they just constantly back away while you are affected by the debuff that won't stop because they have oddly scaled magicka stats. This especially shows how broken it is when there are multiple mages doing the same thing,

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with the dynamic behavior feature, a feature where in cast behaviors are random(early cast, delayed cast, mid-length cast) multiple aimed spells casted simultaneously will have a chance to be different for each Mage so the timing of the spells coming at you will be different which gives you time to evade these obstacles. Also, Since the NPCs are commited when they cast, you can dodge the spells with just 1-2 strafes/rolls rather than just spamming dodge 4-6 times with your dodge mod.

We have many interesting magic mods out there with very cool mechanics, the problem when wanting these magic mods fully integrated, is that the AI was inherently programmed to behave like the player, which doesn't reflect a good combat system. But with these little edits and adjustments, we are able to balance enemy behavior while keeping our favorite mechanics, at the end of the day , the enemy was designed to be overcome, and sometimes less freedom allows for more, more magic spells with interesting effects, more spawns which no longer looks like a mosh pit, and more interesting gameplay rather than a cluttered messy experience that the lack of restraint vanilla behavior had

Lastly the commitment only affects NPCs, to avoid nerfing mage based characters or spellswords. also with this exclusivity, this means you can still use your favorite magic casting animations like smooth magic casting animations

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here is a short clip for a visual presentation:

here is a link to the mod:

Happy Modding


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