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Mod Release: FACTION WARFARE – Reputations, Summons, and Armories! Sell items to townsfolk! Bring adventurers along in your journeys! Become a Forsworn leader! And so much more!

Hi! I'm TwinCrows. You may remember me from such mods as 'Realm of Lorkhan', Fallout 76's 'Rad World Radio', or even from my unreleased Beyond Skyrim: Cyrodiil contributions!

Today I'm here to talk about a serious topic. Faction Warfare. That's right, a new mod has popped up on the Nexus, and I'm here to tell you all about it.

When two Factions in Skyrim hate each other very, very much… A new mod is born. This mod contains a series of scripts, most of which are also playable on Xbox One!

What do these scripts do, you ask? Well, they do lots of things. For one, they make Factions able to launch ambushes against each other. By spending Faction Gold and Time, they can try and kill each other! Imagine walking from Riverwood to Whiterun, and seeing an Imperial prison escort get ambushed by Stormcloaks, for that prisoner to escape and the Imperials to be slaughtered! What a thrill!

There are 12 playable Factions so far: Folk (People of Skyrim), Imperials, Stormcloaks, Thalmor, Forsworn, Orcs, Bandits, Warlocks, Volkihar, Dawnguard, Dwemer, and Falmer. Each of these has a Joining Quest regarding requirements such as unlocking a Great Lift between the surface and Blackreach for the Falmer, as well as a Reputation requirement.

Another thing these scripts do is allow you to randomly equip almost any character in the game with items that you place into the Faction Armories. Each Faction has an Armory, such as the Folk Armory. If you put items in there, then characters will get a chance to randomly purchase and equip them! That's right, if you place all of your Anime Maid outfits into the Folk Armory, Nazeem will pay you for them, and wear them around town! Wowee! (This is the one feature available only on PC due to SKSE.)

But wait! There's more! You can also raise and lower your reputations with the mod's 12 included Factions! Want to be hated by the Thalmor, Imperials, or Falmer? Just go kill a bunch of them! You'll also gain favor with their enemies by doing so! When you're hated, then you become an enemy of that Faction, causing characters of that Faction to attack you on sight. They'll even send hunting parties to track you down and kill you! This is also true for the Folk, so if you want to become a Big Boss of the Bandits, just go on a killing spree! The Forsworn also love the brutal slaughter of innocents, so you could easily join them too!

You can summon units to come along on your adventures (and killing sprees)! Once you have joined a Faction, you can summon units such as Thalmor Conscripts, Orc Hunters, Dwemer Spirits, Volkihar Vampires, Adventurers, and more! Each Faction has 2 different units so far. You can summon as many units as you like, provided you have enough gold and reputation to spend. These summons will follow you until killed or dismissed. You lose reputation when one of your Faction Summons dies. Be sure not to lose a bunch of Adventurers to a sudden dragon-related accident or the Folk will no longer trust you!

But that's enough to get you started. You can download the mod and read more details on either Nexus (SSE) or (XB1). I'm interested to hear your feedback! Please leave a comment there after giving the mod a go, and share the stories that happened in your game with this!

The mod is inspired by Roguelikes for their endlessly random content, Mount & Blade for its armies, and our wonderful Skyrim modding community for just being awesome.


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