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Mod Release Just Cast It – Magic Rebound

Content of the article: "Mod Release Just Cast It – Magic Rebound"

Hello, I have uploaded my magic mod!!! {Just Cast It – Magic Rebound}


Rebound (definition)
1. bounce back through the air after hitting something hard.
"his shot hammered into the post and rebounded across the goal"

So, this mod introduces the mechanic of Spell Rebound. When you "Hold" your spell "Ready" to cast, there is a chance the magic will bounce, or overflow, creating a new spell that can be Good/Bad/Neutral to the caster.

How it works (Most options are tweakeable from MCM menu, or even can be set to 0 to deactivate):
* For each 2.5 to 6 seconds (random) that you are holding a spell, you will have a DICE ROLL chance to Spell Rebound. (not tweakeable yet)
* Each DICE ROLL will go against your PRESENT skill on that school of magic, taken into account the level of the spell you are trying to cast (buffs and debuffs of the skill are taken into account)
* If you loose the roll, a % will dictate if you get a Good or Bad spell of that same school of magic (MCM) If the spell gets Interrupted or not, is in a separate % (MCM) so they are not dependent on each other. You can have a Rebound and sill cast your spell, you can get interrupted without a Rebound, or you can get both.
* The more you hold the spell, your chance to successfully win the next ROLL goes up, as you concentrate on the spell (this can be tweaked to gain more, less chances, or even revert it, to have LESS chances of success, all from MCM)
* Even if your skill too low and the spell too powerfull, you will always get a min of 1% success chance (MCM).
* If your skill is too high and the spell too weak, you will only get a max of 99% success (MCM).

* Separate Options and Porcentages for NPCs (MCM).

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IMPORTANT, concentration spells as Flames, Sparks, etc, where the spell is being cast as you hold it, will only have ONE check at the begining of the cast, if they pass, nothing happens, if they fail, same checks apply to get Good/Bad/Neutral Rebounds and Iterruption.

DUAL CASTING does NOT trigger the Checks, so you will NOT get a Rebound from Dual Cast, this is to simulate that you are fully concentrated on the casting.

** Note that NPCs will have a MAX limit on how many times a spell can bounce PER HAND (MCM), as they ussually hold the spells when the target is out of range. This is to prevent constant Rebound from NPCs Default: 2.
* NPCs (and followers for example) have a less complicated math when checking for success chance, but the % are pretty close to the player's.

This mod does not modify anything, it just adds it's own Rebound Spells (mosly tweaked copies of vanilla spells or effects).
All spells from mods are compatible, in the sense that they will all backfire the same way as vanilla spells.
I will create patches to ADD spells from Spell Packs Mods to expand the Rebound list effects, but other than that, no compatibility issue.

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