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Mod Release – Leather Armor without Pauldrons: Standalone with Integration and Bodyslide

Hi folks, recently u/ivantoridemybicycle requested a mod to add leather armor without the bulky pauldrons. I liked the idea and I had some free time this afternoon, so I spun up a little mod to scratch that itch. Could can find it on the link below at the Nexus:

This mod adds an alternate set of leather armor that doesn't have the large shoulder pads. The difference between the two is cosmetic only; both have the same stats. Both styles of leather armor (vanilla and no-pauldron) will appear in the game world and can be crafted by the player; additionally, for a nominal resource cost the player can convert between the two versions using the crafting stations.

This mod comes packaged with prebuilt UNP and SOS meshes for female and male bodies, respectively. They should be fully usable with vanilla bodies, as well. Additionally, the mod contains BHUNP bodyslide files so you can generate your own female mesh for any UNP family body type (or any custom UNP-based preset). Because of the reference bodies used for the armor, you should also have a modern skeleton mod (XPMSSE or a compatible alternative).

This mod requires all the official DLC that come with Special Edition. It will crash if you have, for example, disabled Dragonborn.esm.

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Load up the mod using your mod manager of choice. See "compatibility" below for when you might need to update or create a bashed patch.


  • This mod edits vanilla leveled lists. If you have other mods that alter leveled lists, you should create a compatibility patch to avoid losing features from one mod or the other. Wrye Bash is an easy and automated way to accomplish this.
  • This mod may be incompatible with armor replacer mods that change the textures of the vanilla leather armor to fit a new mesh and retain the original vanilla file name.
  • This mod edits references inside Driftshade Cellar, and will revert changes made by weather mods, ENB Particle Fix, music overhauls – really anything that directly edits the cell record. This mod should be above any lighting, weather, or music mods in your load order, or you should create a patch to forward the relevant entries.

To mod contains:

  • The armor itself
  • Leveled list updates to distribute the armor
  • Outfits updated to distribute the armor
  • XLIB updates to randomly place the armor in certain locations in the world
  • Recipes for craft, tempering, and converting the armor
  • Dialogue updates to allow guards to comment on both styles of leather armor
  • This mod supports but does not require WACCF via keywords
  • This mod supports any mod that enhances the vanilla leather armor texture, such as aMidianBorn Book of Silence
  • Should be fully compatible with Skyrim VR
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  • This mod does not contain magic versions of the new armor. I recommend you use Automated Leveled List Addition or a similar tool to create your own magic versions.
  • This mod cannot tell if you have changed your basic leather armor with a replacer mod. It will let you change from this mod's version to the vanilla armor and vice versa by adding or removing pauldrons, even if your modded replacer doesn't have pauldrons.
  • This mod does not support CBBE body types, though I would be happy to host a conversion if someone makes it.
  • There are some very minor imperfections in the mesh, which are solely the fault of my lack of experience (and/or talent) in Outfit Studio. Sorry! Hopefully you won't see them unless you look very closely.


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