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Mod request: better end game enemies.

Content of the article: "Mod request: better end game enemies."

As we all know, you can make yourself insanely overpowered using the crafting skills. Nothing will be able to withstand you. I did this once with a character, making them as op as I could (minus the fact that I didn't have enough sense to use the chaos enchantment on a stalhrim weapon, I instead went with dragonbone and fire and shock enchantments). The only things I found in the game that I couldn't one-shot were ash spawn, and some of the higher level dragons. Even the ebony warrior was no match for me, though it did take me half a dozen hits to take him down, which surprised me seeing as I could three-shot the strongest dragon. I really should do an unmodded playthrough and fight him with a no-crafting character, just so the fight is more worthwhile.

What I'd like, is stronger enemies above level 50~60. Strong enough where even if you gimp your character as much as possible, you'll still have a decent challenge. Preferably these enemies should feel epic, so it feels like you've actually accomplished something in being strong enough to take them on. I've seen a few mods that add in new bosses, but I mean generic enemies. Higher level draugr, forsworn, and bandits. I know OBIS does this for bandits, though I don't know how well the end game ones would stand up to a fully smithed and enchanted character.

If crafting is broken and unfixable, then fix the game around it. Make it so if you do max all the skills, your character will still have things worthy to fight. Bethesda did add in the ebony warrior to try and inspire the player base to do just that, but few seem to have heeded the call. Its a niche that no one's really filling, so why has no one done it? Would it really be that hard to make some higher level bandits with appropriate stats? Give them enchanted gear even, just put make sure its on enemies of high enough level where only an already op character will be able to get his hands on it. Essentially, the player should only be able to get his hands on it if he already has superior gear. Have those appear long after the bandits that carry full sets of dragonplate start spawning. Make enchanted dragonplate the next upgrade after base dragonplate. This really needs to be done. We seriously have more dragon and generic monster mods than mods that improve the end game.

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