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Mod Synergies – What are you go-to combinations for mods, plus two of my favorite examples for alchemy and economy.

I recently discovered that Apothecary, Noob Harvester, and Harvest Overhaul work together.

Apothecary makes great changes to the system. It also lowers prices for the potions you made.Noob Harvester implements a chance to fail at harvesting based on your alchemy skillHarvest Overhaul Redone allows you to collect multiple ingredients from one plant/animal and has an alchemy XP reduction optional, which I recommend.

This combo makes it feel like your character learns the whole skill of alchemy over time. At the beginning, you may destroy 4/5 ingredients you try to harvest, but that 5th gives 3 ingredients instead of one which balances it out nicely. Over time, you end up harvesting 4/5 plants instead of destroying them, still getting 3-5 ingredients each time, which means less need to harvest every plant you come across reducing the tedium as you get bored of clicking every plant. Nicely slows down the alchemy and money progression to match other skills.

This combo goes nicely with an economy stack of Hybrid Loot and Encounter Zones, Scarcity, Trade and Barter, Economy Tweaks, Rich Skyrim Merchants, and Harder Lock Picking.

Skyrim Revamped + Revamped Rebalanced– Unlevels the world nicely. The rebalanced tweaks bosses to scale instead of be static leveled. Overhauls loot lists to be based on the level of the area you are in instead of your level. Reduces chance of gold and lock picks to be found. Soul gems are rare.Scarcity – reduce found loot and merchant stocks. I use the base settings.Trade and Barter – Large economy overhaul. Does a lot and has a lot of options. I use the base settings.Economy Tweaks – I like to use this to adjust prices as it is simple and well done.Rich Skyrim Merchants – Adds gold to merchants.Harder Lock Picking – Does what it says. Makes getting into chests much harder and creates a small gold sink for picks early on since you don't find as many.

I started off in a cave on the East side of Eastmarch. Decided I was going to be a mage. I use Wildcat+ the 4x damage, so travel is tough, but I eventually made it to Riften. Hoping to find a decent wizard robe, turns out they were almost 4000 gold. I started fighting wolves and critters to get better at my spells and hopefully find some loot. It was tough since my potions were so few and so bad. I use Vinis Legit Food and Rest so health/stamina/magicka doesn't regenerate without food, which I kept running out of. I lucked across a fortify magicka ring, but that was the only enchanted item I found until level 8. I couldn't afford robes until level 14. Around level 20, I could get into places safely enough to find some enchanted goods, but it's still tough. In the level 30's now and can still get KO'd easily, have a decent set of gear and spells, but only about 8k gold. Haven't been able to really buy any soul gems, but that will be the next gold sink, I think.

Edit: Forgot to link Wildcat. Fixed.


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