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Mod that gives bright blue water without having to use an ENB?

Content of the article: "Mod that gives bright blue water without having to use an ENB?"

I'm trying to come up with a performance-friendly set-up that makes my skyrim look vibrant and happy. I first attempted to follow MxR's guide, but my computer couldn't handle it (it has you using both Spring Forest Overhaul and Tetrachromatic ENB). Screwing around with flora mods, I've found a few that my game does appear to be able to handle perfectly fine that gives a similar look.

For what I have, my LE can't seem to handle an ENB. Besides, I really like Vivid Weathers, and there's very few ENBs that are compatible with it anyway. For plants, I have a few options. The Skyrim Flora Overhaul Summer Edition II gives a similar look to Spring Forest Overhaul, but with the huge FPS drop. I also found a grass mod called 'realistic grass' which somehow gives me huge density without much of an fps hit (I have no idea how it pulls this off). I've also thought about using the Flower Fields mod ontop of either that grass mod, or SFO's default grass. One quibble I have about the latter mod though is the afore-mentioned flower fields look like curated gardens rather than natural fields which obviously just looks weird. I have yet to try these three mods together, so I don't know if my computer could handle all three. I know I can handle SFO Summer fine, and the flower fields mod probably doesn't have that much of an impact, so I see no reason why I couldn't use them together. I've also found a re-texture mod called Green Skyrim that simply makes the grass and roads greener. The MO does recommend using it alongside both SFO Summer and Flower Fields. I have yet to actually test it out though.

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On top of this, I of course have Vivid Weathers, which I can use to adjust brightness and saturation (the latter making your game more colorful and vibrant, it sorta looks like Spring Forest Overhaul on its own to be honest).

The only thing I don't have is a good water mod. I have Realistic Water 2, obviously, but that doesn't quite give me the look I'm going for. I've found two water mods that would be more fitting, one is of course Watercolor for ENB, and the other is something called Perfect Water. The first explicitly requires an ENB though. The second, it doesn't outright state it, but its obvious the mod author uses an ENB; he also uploaded his enb water settings as an optional file, and one user complained that it made his water look super flat, which leads me to suspect that you need to adjust your ENB settings to make it work right. I do have ENBoost, but I don't have it set to modify my graphics at all because it gives me an FPS hit of around 30. I may be able to technically type in the settings, but I doubt it would actually do anything.

I guess if all else fails I could just continue to use RW2, but I'd prefer something that fits the theme a bit better. Oddly enough though, it doesn't seem there's too many water mods out there, which is surprising given the ludicrous number of grass mods available (why on earth would there be more grass mods, which require new meshes, than water mods which can easily get away with just a re-texutre?).

For a recap, here's the mods I listed:

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Mod I can't run:

Spring Forest Overhaul

any ENB (especially Tetrachromatic enb)

Mods I regularly use:
Vivid Weathers

Realistic Water 2

(Didn't list the next two, but I think I'll mention them here just to give an idea of what my comp can handle.)

Skyrim Flora Overhaul (no grass)

Northern Grass (density 80)

Mods that I can use (haven't tested them all together):

Skyrim Flora Overhaul Summer Edition II

Realistic Grass (tested on recommended density, only gave a slight fps drop)

Flower Fields

Water mods I know of, but require an ENB to use:

Watercolor for ENB

Perfect Water

So, can anyone suggest something?


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