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[Mod Update] Complete Jitter Removal for Attack Behavior Revamp with its new 3 phase system

Hi! to most who don't know my mod yet, I recently released Attack behavior revamped which adds new ways to attack and changes the behaviors to improve the combat system like on the fly grip changing during strikes if only the right button is pressed or the two attack buttons are pressed, Skysa based attack commitment but with directional attacks, and the possibility of roleplaying as a left hand character thanks to new left handed behaviors + animations

but it wasn't perfect, there were issues like jittering especially when attacking diagonally and that is because of skyrims blends system which tries to blend the character when attack on different directions that conflicted with the change of this mod with its commitment when going forward, the issue was there were flickers and jitters, but that is now removed thanks to a new 3-phase system, basically there are now 3 attack states instead of 2, the 1st state is vanilla, only to allow directional attacks and power attacks, it will transition to a 2nd swing which now has commitment, if another attack is performed it transitions to the 3rd that has also commitment then it will loop with the 2nd swing if the player continuously attack. this allows us to:

  1. have the inital "poke" or non commited strike to decide where we want to hit
  2. potential to bombard the enemy with badass combos when we finally decide to chain our moves
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with this system, it gives even more options to attack which further improves what the mod built upon which was ways to strike,

here is the video to explain visually:

overall it polishes the system that was already established, no more jitters, no annoying repulsive flickers getting in the way to feel the varied and badass experience

again, i will never impose my animations and all animations are still replaceable, this level of personalization will never change!

all features have been retained and as always, an available CBE compatible version

grab the update here:

thank you guys for your time!


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