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Mod Update Just Cast It – Magic Rebound V2.0

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Mod updated!!! Finally, I managed to complete the Visual Effects revision for Just Cast It – Magic Rebound. Not all of the Rebounds/Overflows are flshy or got a new super spectacular new effect, this was mostly for consistancy with vanilla and with the rebounds themselves. That said, It has some new Visual Effects, some reworked from vanilla, some just retextured to fit the element or school of magic.

I still have a lot to add to the visuals, but I think the mod is in a good state.

All Rebounds where balanced where needed, some got more powerfull, some were nerfed.

Vampire lords were having Rebounds, now they don't.

Intro: This mod introduces Magic Rebound/Backfire/Missfire for player and NPCs. Rebounds can be Good/Bad/Neutral and affects Players AND NPCs. Highly customizable in MCM menu.


  • Reworked scripts for better update transition (Again)
  • Now you will only have rebounds while on human form, any transformation should not be affected by Rebounds, so Vampire Lords, Werewolfs, Werebears, should not have rebounds anymore.
  • All visuals reviewed (I'm sure I missed some of them, but the majority are done)
  • Conjuration: Removed Seeker as it seems it does not want to attack the player. Reworked how the Factions work for the hostile, now it should attack the caster no matter who it is.
  • Conjuration: Color explosion only happen on Bad and Neutral Rebounds to distinguish them from the good rebound.
  • Destruction: Elemental Ball (Element) – Bad: Nerfed, it was too powerfull, now it does 100ish damage without resistance/weakness to that element.
  • Destruction: Elemental Armor (Element) – Good: Removed the "Element Spells will be x% more powerfull" as it was not working on NPCs.
  • Destruction: Elemental Weakness (Element) – Bar: Removed the "Element Spell will be x% weaker" as it was not working on NPCs.
  • Illusion: Invisibility/Muffle – Good: Made silent with no color explosion.
  • Illusion: Reverse Invisibility Cloak – Bad: It does not glow as much now.
  • Restoration: Holy Circle: Now it does not make undead flee, it weakens them, to get in line with Unholy Circle.
  • Restoration Added: Weakness To Poison – Bad: The caster is <mag> % weaker to poison damage for <dur> seconds.
  • Restoration Added: Fortify Poison Resist – Good: Resists <mag> % of poison damage for <dur> seconds.
  • Restoration Added: Turn Undead Explosion – Good: Undead caught up in the explosion flee for <dur> seconds.
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Next Planned Version V3.0:

Next update will introduce new Rebound/Overflows as I got a lot of new suggestions.

Report any bug you find and you will win an update 🙂 mostly 2.1 but you may get a 2.2 if you look very hard for bugs!! 🙂

{Just Cast It – Magic Rebound}

Off Topic: I cant believe that I saw people here on reddit mentioning my mod, even if they only know it by name, it is a huge thing for me, thanks to all of you for your support, your messages here on Reddit and on the mod page, your suggestions for new rebounds (that I will start working on next week).


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