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[MOD UPDATE] ORCS! – Resource Update


I've not posted a couple of the more recent patches here because I don't want to spam the board with minor bugfixes and such but now I've actually got some new features/mechanics to share. As chief of the stronghold, you now get a share of all metal and gems taken from the mine. Deposits are made daily in a barrel in the chief's hut. You'll get one smelted orchicalcum ingot per day, as well as a 13% chance per day to get a leveled gem. This ought to work out to an average of around 30 ingots and 4-5 gems per month. Decent, but not OP. You can check once a day, or forget about it and let them accumulate. Your share will be waiting for you when you return.

There is also a similar new mechanic around the hunting that your orcs do in the woods near the stronghold. Talk to rulrza to receive you share of furs and hides. Right now the hunts-share is not nearly as generous as the mine share, but it will probably grow and include meat in future updates. I want to keep things balanced, so stingy is better to start.

If you've played the mod, you'll probably notice that these income streams correspond to two of the work assignments that you can give the five orc recruits. Eventually, in a future update the assignments will affect the yields, with more hunters meaning more skins, and more miners meaning more ingots. All that is in the future though.

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Here's a quick summary of what all is new since I last posted here:

  • Mine-Share income working and active
  • Hunt-share income working and active
  • Bodyslide files are now included for the three orc-wives. build whatever bodies you want.
  • Definitive fix for calendar rollover CTD issue. CTD is eliminated and the 14 day time advance also works without making the date go over 31.
  • After the 14-day time advance, the player will now wake up in the chief's hut sitting on the throne.
  • After the 14-day time advance, the player will now wake up in the chief's hut sitting on the throne.
  • Removed a few ITM records
  • Removed unnecessary enable parent from the vanilla ore handcart by the mine entrance. This should fix the weird spilled ore that you get after the stronghold enables.
  • Alternate Head-mesh is now available for Gnob under optional files. He has a handsomer nose, more piercing eyes, and hair. Yes, hair!
  • Alternate haircut is now available for Rulrza under optional files. Her hair is still a short pixie cut, but now it looks a little more Scarlett Johansson, and a little less Emma Watson. If that makes any sense to anyone.
  • Took better direct comparison screenshots of the three skin texture options so that users can make more informed choices on exactly how the orcs will look.
  • There is now a recruitment tracking quest for your journal that triggers after activating the shrine of malacath. This will make it easier for players to find their recruits
  • The outhouse is now slightly larger and it is no longer possible to get trapped inside.
  • You will now receive a notification when Slob's letter is added to you inventory, just like vanilla letters.
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Also, some scottish youtubber made a video/review/whatever you call this kind of media about the mod. It's actually pretty funny, and is really good about not giving spoilers. Have watch if you feel like it.


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