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MOD update version 3.0 of Attack Animations and Movesets

Content of the article: "MOD update version 3.0 of Attack Animations and Movesets"

Hi guys! I'm really having lots of fun with animating recently so I dropped an update on my Mod Attack Animations and Movesets.

For those that missed it. It originally uses SkySA framework with DAR to have a set movement on behavior. But not only does it do that, it also has the potential for modders to create a wide range of animations for all weapons, which is what my goal is.

in Version 3.0 I have revamped regular attack animations and made them similar to classic fantasy rpg moves. I have also added animated armoury support, for Claws, Pikes, Halberds and Rapiers. Scimitars also have their own animations. All one handed weapons have left handed variants as well

nothing fancy with regular weapons but for HEMA practitioners, version 2 has the stiffer animations which are closer to real life.

For unique moves, there are now a total of 10 unique movesets for 10 different weapons

10. lEVIATHAN AXE from the Leviathan Axe/god of war mod

I tried my best to design these animations that would somewhat enhance the persona of each weapon e.g. chillrend embodies agility, dawnbreaker has that "elegant" thing going on, and Tried my best at Kratos' swings based on the most recent god of war(for the leviathan axe mod)

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here is a showcase vid for v3:

sorry about the quality, my laptop is too inferior

also, a new thing I'm trying is simple dynamic idles depending on the weapon equipped. I'll try and improve these in the future updates.

also for those that have some animations they don't like, they can simply remove them by deleting the specific folder. there is a "moves list.txt" that serves as a directory/references to all the numbers in the DAR folder. I was trying to learn how to do a FOMOD but I still need more to learn.

For installation, remember that the requirements of SkySA that need porting is no longer needed. this already has enough animations and the animations "required" by SkySA would just be obsolete. if you haven't installed already, just download SKySA and patch with nemesis.


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