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Modding Skyrim – A Resource Repository and Modder’s Almanac (Dr. Dovahkiin’s Guide)

Content of the article: "Modding Skyrim – A Resource Repository and Modder’s Almanac (Dr. Dovahkiin’s Guide)"

I am happy to announce that my new kind of guide to modding has been released: Modding Skyrim !

If you happened to read my post from about a month ago (Dr. Dovahkiin: How I Learned to Stop Modding and Play the Game), you will remember that I wanted to create a place that new modders could go to not necessarily learn all there is about modding, but could learn where to go to find that stuff. It has evolved quite a bit from the first inklings of an idea, with the help of many people giving ideas on that original post and some still providing suggestions/feedback on the Discord server.

The sections on the site include a Glossary, Tools page, a page of helpful YouTube videos, A Beginner's Guide, a series of Mod Categories, and some Fun Stuff and General HELP page. I have plans for more in depth sections/pages/posts on some of the more advanced topics, but wanted to get the first phase launched. I'm hopeful that this will help some of those new to modding, and maybe even a few more veteran modders. At the very least, maybe you'll find a mod you had never heard of before.

I have been working on this for about a month now, spending a lot of my spare time trying to fine-tune various sections. I am so grateful to everyone that has provided feedback. In particular, I'd like to thank u/featherstonest, u/Daralima, and u/forever_phoenix. You were all incredibly helpful (and patient) while I bombarded you with questions and requests and updates.

Please note: This is still somewhat a Work-in-Progress. I am hoping to flesh out the Vortex section in particular in the coming weeks. Right now, I really want to get as much feedback as I can on what to add/remove/update/fix. I know it is far from perfect. I am fairly new to modding, and any mistakes I make are done without malicious intent, but please help me fix them so that others don't make the same mistakes I do!

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Feel free to join us on Discord, where we have a suggestions channel if you think things should be added/removed/changed on the site, and a troubleshooting channel for any random things that you encounter. I don't promise that we will fix all of your issues, but I'm hoping that we can further expand the Skyrim modding community and maybe figure some things out together.

Thanks for reading; I hope you check out the site: and I hope to see you in the Discord server!


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