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Mods for more realistic, medieval and less high fantasy skyrim.

Content of the article: "Mods for more realistic, medieval and less high fantasy skyrim."

I am trying to make weapons, armors, fortifications etc. realistic, i already found a couple of mods, but have been unable to find good retextures/replacers of for example the daedric armor, which i think is one of the most ugly armors in vanilla (hot take). If you have any suggestions, i would appreciate it a lot!

Here are the mods for a medieval feel (they arent 100% historically accurate) that i have:

{Realistic Armor} – NordwarUA's amazing mod, nice and realistic armor textures for basic skyrim armors, also affects some weapons.

{Project NordwarUA} – More NordwarUA's armors ported from sse, i use the ebony armor.

{NordWarUA's Vanilla Armor Replacers SSE} – Even more ported armors, from NordWarUA, this guy is just great, i use the steel armor from here.

{Unplayable Factions Armor SSE} – Adds really good armors for 5 factions.

{Immersive Armors} – A well known armor mod, although it isn't that medieval, I let it get overwritten by everything else and use more realistic of the armors it has.

{uo Warmonger Armory SSE} – Same as Immersive Armors, I let it get overwritten and only use something.

{Guard Armor Replacer SSE} – Realistic looking and different armor for guards of each hold.

{Bowgasm} – Realistic bows, not chunks of metal.

{More Weapons Please SE},{Dovah Nord Weapons SE},{Heavy Armory – New Weapons} – Some good new weapons

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{Animated Armoury} – Adds spears among many other weapons with animations.

{Vikings Weaponery SE – Johnskyrim} – A lot of viking styled shields and weapons

{Believable weapons} – Makes vanilla weapons look more thin, elegant, realistic and nice.

{Fortified Whiterun} – Makes whiterun defenses actually aplicable and not stupid.

{Gallows of Skyrim SSE} – Adds hanging people next to cities.

Thats propably almost everything I have, I am still looking for more and would like any mods that make more historical sense, are good medieval armor/weapons replacers, but also still want to keep some of the fantasy aspect (magic, creatures, dwemer etc.). What od you think are mods that achieve this?


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