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Mods that expands and adds new areas to Major Hold Cities

Content of the article: "Mods that expands and adds new areas to Major Hold Cities"

While lurking in this subreddit and the nexus from time to time, I've been compiling mods that expands and add new areas in the major cities that may also serve as complementary mods for existing City Overhaul mods (JK's Skyrim, Dawn of Skyrim, etc.). Civil War related mods wasn't included although feel free to comment it if it belongs to the list. I'm also posting this in hopes of further piquing the interest of other mod users and mod authors alike to these type of mods.


  • Capital Whiterun Expansion
    Adds new residential district with 14+ buildings and a player home as well as new NPCs. Also adds new quest as the you progress throughout the main quest.
  • Whiterun Expansion Redone SSE
    Adds new residential district with over 16+ buildings and 26 new NPCs with their own AI packages. Also adds a new alternate Whiterun Entrance.
  • Whiterun Valley – Hold Expansion
    Adds two new districts in Whiterun (One inside and the other in the outskirts). With 24+ new buildings and structures with over 140+ new NPCs.
  • Dark's Whiterun Market
    Adds 17+ new structures and houses accompanied by NPCs in the outskirts of Whiterun. Made to complement Elysium Estate. Possible slight incompatibility with Whiterun Valley – Hold Expansion (Outskirts).
  • Provincial Courier Service
    Adds a small shack for the courier next to the Honningbrew Meadery.


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  • Windhelm Exterior Altered
    Expands and alters the docks and exterior sides of Windhelm by adding multiple buildings and structures.
  • Windhelm Bridge Overhaul
    Turns Windhelm's bridge into a market district by adding stalls and other structures on Windhelm's entrance bridge. Complements Windhelm Exterior Altered.
  • SNOW CITY – The Great Expansion of Windhelm (LE) (Needs to be ported)
    Incompatible with other Windhelm Overhaul mods. Serves as a standalone overhaul and expansion for Windhelm by adding 25 new buildings and 60+ new NPCs. Includes Windhelm Exterior Altered.
  • Windhelm Lighthouse
    Adds a lighthouse north of Windhelm.
  • Windhelm Lighthouse SSE
    Adds another lighthouse with an NPC that lights it on schedule.
  • City Entrances Overhaul – Windhelm
    Changes Windhelm's bridge and stables by adding more structures and NPCs. Incompatible with Windhelm Bridge Overhaul. Choose between the two.



  • Riften Docks Overhaul
    Expands Riften docks by adding more pathways, docks, boats, and a fish market.
  • Riften Fishing Shack
    Adds a fishing shack behind the Riften stables that serves as a player home.
  • Opulent Thieves Guild
    Overhauls the visual progression of the Ragged Flagon and tThieves Guild HQ as the guild questline progresses.
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Would add "Riften – Guild City of Thieves" if not for its large incompatibility with other inner Riften mods. Riften also needs more love.



  • Winterhold Restored
    Replaces ruined buildings with walls, 18+ new buildings and structures, multiple area landmarks, 2 player homes and more. Compatible with other Winterhold Overhaul mods thru patches.
  • Winterhold – Expanded Ruins
    Adds walls, ruins, and dungeons and maze around and within Winterhold based on the Great Collapse. Incompatible with other Winterhold mods though mod author stated that they may return to modding soon.
  • The Great City of Winterhold SSE Edition
    Expands by adding more ruins and walls of Winterhold to visualize the effects of the Great Collapse. Changes the layout of the city to make it seem more dense. Incompatible with other Winterhold mods although patches exist.
  • Immersive College of Winterhold
    Overhauls and expands the College of Winterhold by adding structures and facilities in existing areas. Allows leadership of the college to be transferred after the questline.
  • Obscure's College of Winterhold
    Expands on the College through a more vanilla approach by adding entirely areas and the expanding the scope of each part of the college. College leadership may also be transferred using another mod by the same author. Choose between ICW and this mod.


Feel free to comment other related mods not listed above.

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